The Left Bares H8 For Tradition

We don't need no stinkin' American experience

The assault on the Constitution and our Founding Principles has accelerated. Americans seem to be assailed by Marxist/Progressive propaganda at every turn. The most serious threat to our God-given rights currently, is the attack being mounted on the Second Amendment by the Progressive Left.

They worked hard to manufacture a crisis with the Fast & Furious project which, to their disappointment, was exposed for the corrupt scandal it was before it could be leveraged to generate the outrage they hoped for. Their prayers for violence and horror, however, were answered. Using ginned up hysteria from convenient, current mass shootings and the slaughter of children – they never let a crisis go to waste.

The Marxists see an opening to gut the Constitution and they are making their move. We dare not passively wait to be stripped of our rights.

America’s liberties are being methodically beaten and pummeled from front and back. Virtually all of our Constitutional rights are under siege. If the administration gets its way, gun prohibition will spawn new speakeasies and black markets.

Our prisons will fill up with those whose religious rights are violated under Obamacare, those who won’t relinquish their guns, people who are subjected to illegal search and seizure, as well as surveillance and on and on, while we struggle to understand “what we did to deserve this.”

Meanwhile, Obama will release into the populace the real criminals, causing more violence and chaos. “For our own good,” of course. Obama will keep pushing Cloward and Piven and collapse the financial system. He will encourage “localized” Shariah law and pull more and more of the Muslim Brotherhood into our government.

Massive amnesty for illegal immigrants is also in the political cards. Yes, it will hurt employment and wages, but we probably “had it coming.”

For those who think I am an alarmist, you better take a long, hard look at what is happening. It is right in front of you. The systems are being overwhelmed with so many small fires, they cannot all be extinguished and anyone who tries will fail from exhaustion. It is the Soros school of regime change.
(from "Battered America Syndrome" at trevorloudon.com)

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