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Potemkin Village tactic an oldie, but goodie
The Left collects front groups the way that some people collect ships in bottles or collectible plates. It is hard to imagine the Left without its array of front groups, because the front group has been one of the biggest and most successful tactics of the Left.

Front groups are a way of life for the Left, because, like most extremist movements whose real views would be too unappetizing for even most of its supporters, it has to disguise its true beliefs. Its army of front groups allows the Left to co-opt moderates and then filter them through its front groups to extract the true believers. Additionally the segmentation of an endless array of front groups allows the Left to target very specific demographics and organize their independent-seeming groups together into a large movement.

These techniques were used to great effect by the American Communist Party in the 1930s and by the Obama 2012 campaign.

Dig into the Left and you emerge in that same hall of mirrors where every organization is a front for another organization, where grant money is passed along through a complex network of activist groups, family foundations and assorted non-profits that share office space and web servers with some of the same organizations that they fund, where staffers move back and forth from running the organizations that they fund to funding the organizations that they run.
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Class struggle(in Marxist ideology) the conflict of interests between the workers and the ruling class in a capitalist society, regarded as inevitably violent.

"Oh [Muslim] brothers, the nation that excels in the death industry, and knows how to die a noble [death], Allah grants it a precious life in this world and eternal bliss in the Afterlife. The only weakness that shall humiliate us is the love of this world and hating death. Therefore we have prepared your souls for great action, strive for death - and life will be given to you."-- From Palwatch translation of The Muslim Brotherhood handbook.

How Barack's Prog Message Won 2012

Cool sizzle Obamacrats for shizzle


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President Obama's
Cloward-Piven Strategy

Boss Tweed, Black Panthers, Legalized Union Extortion

On this day: December 4
Notorious New York City politician Boss Tweed escapes from prison and flees to Cuba, then Spain (1875)

President Franklin D. Roosevelt closes down the Works Progress Administration, because of the high levels of wartime employment in the U.S. (1943)

Black Panther Party members Fred Hampton and Mark Clark are shot and killed in their sleep during a raid by 14 Chicago police officers (1969)

United States v. Enmons argued at SCOTUS (1972)

President Barack Obama goes to Allentown, Pennsylvania to give a big speech (2009)

b: Francisco Franco (1892); d: Thomas Hobbes (1679), Hannah Arendt (1975)

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