Creepy Presidebt Poses as Santa Claus

Divisive, vengeful Leveler-in-Chief has a proven reverse-Midas touch


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Class struggle(in Marxist ideology) the conflict of interests between the workers and the ruling class in a capitalist society, regarded as inevitably violent.

Obama Hailed for Abandoning Balanced Approach

GOP faulted for interfering with Presidebt's expensive 3-week Hawaiian holiday
Tim Geithner presented John Boehner with the Obama plan for averting the “fiscal cliff.” According to The New York Times, Obama’s plan calls for $1.6 trillion in tax increases over 10 years, $50 billion in immediate stimulus spending, home mortgage refinancing, and a permanent end to Congressional control over statutory borrowing limits. President Obama would also agree to a goal of finding $400 billion in savings from Medicare and other social programs to be worked out next year, but with no guarantees.

Even Times reporter Jonathan Weisman seemed taken aback by the White House’s position. He described the offer as “loaded with Democratic priorities and short on detailed spending cuts.” As far as I can tell, however, there are no detailed spending cuts.
(from powerlineblog.comx)
Appearing on Fox News Thursday, Syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer called the deal “insulting” and advised Republicans to “simply walk away” from the negotiating table.

“It’s not just a bad deal, this is really an insulting deal. What Geithner offered, what you showed on the screen, Robert E. Lee was offered easier terms at Appomattox, and he lost the Civil War,” Krauthammer said. “The Democrats won by 3 percent of the vote and they did not hold the House, Republicans won the house. So this is not exactly unconditional surrender, but that is what the administration is asking of the Republicans.”

He continued: “This idea — there are not only no cuts in this, there’s an increase in spending with a new stimulus. I mean, this is almost unheard of. What do they expect? They obviously expect the Republicans will cave on everything. I think the Republicans ought to simply walk away. The president is the president. He’s the leader.
(from theblaze.com)


Obama's Favorite #Savages Gain

Prog leaders bankroll oppressors hostile to American values
Islamists approved a draft constitution for Egypt early Friday without the participation of liberal and Christian members, seeking to pre-empt a court ruling that could dissolve their panel with a rushed, marathon vote that further inflames the clash between the opposition and President Mohammed Morsi.

The move advanced a charter with an Islamist bent that rights experts say could give Muslim clerics oversight over legislation and bring restrictions on freedom of speech, women's rights and other liberties.
(from AP via cnsnews.com)

Mother Jones, Abbie Hoffman, #Occupy Seattle

On this day: November 30
The People's Republic of South Yemen becomes independent from the United Kingdom (1967)

In Seattle, protests against the WTO meeting by anti-globalization protesters catch police unprepared and force the cancellation of opening ceremonies (1999)

President Barack Obama takes a meeting with Congressional leaders dubbed the "Slurpee Summit" (2010)

b: Shirley Chisholm (1924), Abbie Hoffman (1936); d: Oscar Wilde (1900), Mary Harris "Mother" Jones (1930)

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