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Support Pours In For Obama

But illegal campaign $$ from overseas stain re-election effort

A new poll shows Barack Obama defeating Mitt Romney soundly … in Europe. This follows polls showing Obama ahead of Romney in Russia. Obama undoubtedly wins the popularity contest in the Middle East.

Romney only seems to be ahead in two locations: America and Israel.

According to the latest poll of Europeans, a full 90% want to see Obama win the presidency again. Those polled were from Denmark, Britain, Germany, France, Sweden, Finland, and Norway.

Since Europe is bankrupt and socialist, this is a good indicator of just where Obama’s support base comes from here at home.
(from breitbart.com)

ObamasDonorList.com Launched to Help Track Foreign Donations

Obama Backs a-Q in Syria

More Benghazi stories: here.

Progressive foreign policy boosts fascist Islamists
The nature of the Benghazi disaster is now clear. Ambassador Stevens was engaged in smuggling sizable quantities of Libyan arms from the destroyed Gaddafi regime to the Syrian rebels, to help overthrow the Assad regime in Syria. Smuggling arms to the so-called "Free Syrian Army" is itself a huge gamble, but Obama has been a gambler with human lives over the last four years, as shown by the tens of thousands of Arabs who have died in the so-called Arab Spring -- which has brought nothing but disaster to the Arab world.

Our consistent policy of betrayal of moderate Muslims in favor of radical Islamofascists goes hand-in-hand with our appeasement of the Iranian Khomeinist regime, which is the most America-hating Shiite regime, now facing competition from America-hating Sunni regimes in Egypt and elsewhere. It also fits our cooperation with Turkey's "neo-Ottoman" regime, which has also purged the Turkish army and police to remove modern-minded Turks from power. Egypt and Iran will soon have nuclear weapons and delivery vehicles.

We have therefore followed a single "community disorganizing" policy toward the Muslim world, consisting of betraying moderates to bring theocratic fascists to power. Obama "explained" that policy in a publicized argument with Hillary Clinton at the White House when Mubarak was overthrown. His explanation? Fascist revolutions are "organic," and therefore more stable than moderate revolutions. Obama's fantasy policy runs contrary to U.S. foreign policy since World War I.

The biggest loser in this mad administration has been hundreds of millions women of the Muslim world, who were on a path to modernity and freedom until Obama and Hillary Clinton betrayed them. Today they are shut inside the prisons of sharia law.
(full story at americanthinker.com)
Class struggle(in Marxist ideology) the conflict of interests between the workers and the ruling class in a capitalist society, regarded as inevitably violent.
"Oh [Muslim] brothers, the nation that excels in the death industry, and knows how to die a noble [death], Allah grants it a precious life in this world and eternal bliss in the Afterlife. The only weakness that shall humiliate us is the love of this world and hating death. Therefore we have prepared your souls for great action, strive for death - and life will be given to you."-- From Palwatch translation of The Muslim Brotherhood handbook.

Chongro, Peace Corps, Obama-Corzine

On this day: November 1
The official North Korean newspaper, Rodong Sinmun, is first published under the name Chongro (1945)

While campaigning for President, Sen. John F. Kennedy announces his idea of the Peace Corps (1960)

President Barack Obama travels to Camden and Newark, New Jersey to support the reelection campaign of Governor Jon Corzine (2009)

d: Theodore Alvin Hall (1999)

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