Obama Benghazi Conspiracy Alleged

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Did WH OK MuBro kidnap of Ambassador Stevens?


BENGHAZI-GATE: Did two heroic SEALs ruin Obama's October Surprise? [UPDATED]

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It's a conspiracy theory, to be sure, but "Kozy" asserts the Benghazi attack was an "October Surprise" gone awry thanks to two SEALs who weren't even supposed to be in Benghazi.

The scenario is both simple and plausible:

• In June, Egyptian President Morsi pledged to secure the release of 'The Blind Sheikh', the extremist cleric responsible for the first World Trade Center attack.

• Eager to accommodate Morsi and strengthen the U.S. relationship with Egypt, Obama's henchmen formulate a two-step cover story. The first step is a video that no one has seen, which was released in July.

• Next, strip security from the Libyan Ambassador, despite pleas from a variety of quarters for more security, not less. In essence, remove any barriers to using the Ambassador as a hostage.

• Back-channel communications between the White House and the Imam's legal representatives confirm that a swap can be achieved with a high-level hostage exchange. The Imam's cronies are informed that Ambassador Stevens has no security in Benghazi. So the Imam can be secured through a trade after capturing Stevens who doesn't even have a single bodyguard.

• Had all gone according to plan, Stevens would be released just before the election; Obama would take credit for that and a newly strengthened relationship with Egypt and Morsi.

• But what wasn't planned: two ex-SEALs named Doherty and Woods. They only happened to be in Benghazi because they were on a separate intel mission to locate surface-to-air missiles.

So the terrorists launch their attack believing that there is no security whatsoever. And they are surprised to find that two SEALs are not only fighting back, but killing them left and right. The resulting firefight transforms the terrorists' assault from a simple kidnapping into a murderous onslaught that cost all four Americans their lives.

Sure, it's a crazy, right-wing conspiracy theory. But add in the following observations:

• Repeated denials for more security in Benghazi, despite requests from multiple quarters. No credible explanation has been offered for the removal of security by the White House or the State Department.

• Leading up to 9/11 -- of all dates -- there was no special security posture ordered in diplomatic installations around the Middle East.

• After the attack, a series of conflicting and morphing stories were offered by, among others, Ambassador Susan Rice, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Jay Carney, David Axelrod, Joe Biden, etc.

• Not only did the president go to sleep after getting word of the attack, but it appears he also refused security briefings in the aftermath of the attack, instead simply departing for a fundraiser in Las Vegas.

The theory being: the President didn't need to stay awake after hearing of the attack. He didn't need any briefings. He knew exactly what had happened.

Update: An alert commenter reminds of this bit of evidence, translated from Arabic by Walid Shoebat:

Video from Libya: ‘Don’t Shoot us! We were sent by Mursi’

Fast forward to the 1:15 mark in this video (if you don’t understand Arabic). Watch as the raw footage of a firefight in Benghazi is taking place. The news report loops the relevant portion of an exchange between gunmen, in which one can be heard, saying, ‘Don’t Shoot us! We were sent by Mursi’!

But, no. This is just some kind of crazy, whacked-out conspiracy theory. There's got to be a much better explanation for the Obama administration's removal of all of Ambassador Stevens' security, despite multiple pleas for more security. We just don't know what it is yet.
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