Leftism Is #1

Dogma-based ideology is the world's most dynamic religion
For at least the last hundred years, the world's most dynamic religion has been neither Christianity nor Islam.

It is leftism.

Most people do not recognize what is probably the single most important fact of modern life. One reason is that leftism is overwhelmingly secular (more than merely secular: it is inherently opposed to all traditional religions), and therefore people do not regard it as a religion.

Another is that leftism so convincingly portrays itself as solely the product of reason, intellect and science that it has not been seen as the dogma-based ideology that it is. Therefore, the vast majority of the people who affirm leftist beliefs think of their views as the only way to properly think about life.

That, in turn, explains why anyone who opposes leftism is labeled anti-intellectual, anti-progress, anti-science, anti-minority and anti-reason (among many other pejorative epithets): Leftists truly believe that there is no other way to think.

How successful has leftism been?

It dominates the thinking of Europe, much of Latin America, Canada and Asia, as well as the thinking of the political and intellectual elites of most of the world. Outside of the Muslim world, it is virtually the only way in which news is reported and virtually the only way in which young people are educated from elementary school through university.

Only the United States, of all Western countries, has resisted leftism. But that resistance is fading as increasing numbers of Americans abandon traditional Judeo-Christian religions, lead secular lives, are educated by teachers whose views are almost uniformly left-wing and are exposed on a daily basis virtually exclusively to leftist views in their news and entertainment media.
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Progs, Islamists ❤ Unholy Alliance

H8 for America binds U.S. Left to foreign savages
The affinity between radical Islamists and the progressive left derives from a shared belief that America is the Great Satan and must be destroyed.

The esteemed writer and lecturer David Horowitz has crafted a book entitled Unholy Alliance: Radical Islam and the American Left, in which he reveals that common cause. The progressive left -- which also embraces socialism/communism as a means to destroy America -- has now allied ideologically with the Islamists, who despise modernity itself and especially detest the sexual agenda of the left.

This alliance is growing and extends deep into the Obama administration, the mainstream media, and academia. The Democratic Party and the mainstream media have been protecting and supporting radical Islamists for decades. And where you once saw fashionably leftist young college students wearing Che Guevara t-shirts, it is now common to see them wearing Palestinian colors and sporting radical anti-Zionist themes.
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Barack McSmirk

Presidebt irked by having to share stage with challenger


At Brenner Pass, H. Rap Brown, Janis Joplin

On this day: October 4
Meeting between Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini at the Brenner Pass (1940)

In Moscow, tanks bombard the White House, a government building that housed the Russian parliament, while demonstrators against President Boris Yeltsin rally outside (1993)

President Barack Obama meets with his Economic Recovery Advisory Board (2010)

b: Walther von Brauchitsch (1881), Ernst Kaltenbrunner (1903), H. Rap Brown (1943); d: Janis Joplin (1970)

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