O-Camp's Middle Class War Update

Baracko's favorite unions are the most corrupt


Meet Barack Obama (D-SEIU).

Rebuilding America After Obama

National minstrel tour agitates for defeat of historic Presidebt


O-Camp's Foreign Policy Chops

Fresh graves of murdered U.S. diplomats termed 'bumps in the road'


Thos. Crapper, Marxist-Unionism, Nazi-Soviet

On this day: September 28
The International Workingmen's Association was founded in London (1864)

UK passes the Dangerous Drugs Act outlawing cannabis (1928)

National Socialist German Workers Party (Nazi) and the Soviet Union agree on a division of Poland after their invasion during World War II (1939)

b: Johann Georg Hiedler (1792), Thomas Crapper (1836), Carl Clauberg (1898); d: Richard Sears (1914), Gamal Abdel Nasser (1970), Pierre Trudeau (2000)

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