Everything Is Less Under Baracko

Excepting O-merica's apparatchiki


Baracko Gotta Go

Ship Michelle, Valerie, and Axe back to Chicago


Neutrality, Cold War, Black September

On this day: September 5
The French National Convention initiates the Reign of Terror (1793)

The first U.S. Labor Day parade is held in New York City (1882)

The pacifist Zimmerwald Conference begins (1915)

The U.S. declares its neutrality in World War II (1939)

Igor Gouzenko, a Soviet Union embassy clerk, defects to Canada, exposing Soviet espionage in North America, signaling the beginning of the Cold War (1945)

Palestinian terrorist group called 'Black September' attack and take hostage 11 Israel athletes at the Munich Olympic Games; 2 die in the attack and 9 die the following day (1972)

Hanns Martin Schleyer is kidnapped in Cologne, West Germany by the Red Army Faction and is later murdered (1977)

b: Jesse James (1847), Paul Volcker (1927); d: Karl Harrer (1926), Richard Walther Darré (1953), Ivan Mihailov (1990)

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