A System To Overthrow Capitalism

Typical O-surrogate union bigs H8 freedom, ❤ compulsion


Former Amalgamated Transit Union local 689 president Mike Golash, now an “Occupy” movement organizer, was caught on tape Sunday revealing his political goals: overthrowing capitalism in the United States and instituting a communist government.

“Progressive labor is a revolutionary communist organization,” Golash said during an Occupy DC “People’s Assembly” on August 19.

“Its objective,” he added, “is to make revolution in the United States, overthrow the capitalist system and build communism.”
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O-Progs Put BigGov First

Baracko's huge Medicare raid curbs excess coupling of effort, reward


Death of Communism Was Faked

Not unlike placing a Marxist foreign national in the WH


Stunned By Baracko

Only if you haven't been paying attention


Leon Trotsky, Joe's Nuke, Slobodan Milošević

On this day: August 20
Exiled Russian revolutionary Leon Trotsky is fatally wounded in Mexico City by an assassin's ice axe; he dies the next day (1940)

The Soviet Union publicly acknowledged it had tested a hydrogen bomb (1953)

More than 100,000 people rally outside the Soviet Union's parliament building protesting the coup aiming to depose President Mikhail Gorbachev (1991)

b: Ton Duc Thang (1888), George J. Mitchell (1933), Slobodan Milošević (1941); d: Gene Upshaw (2008), Hua Guofeng (2008)

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