Why Baracko Is So Restless

Fundamental transformation of USA too slow for Obamas


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O-Prog Ad Scored for Racism, Violence

GOP usually fails to respond to typical leftwing H8


Is this a New American Sunrise?

Progs Save-Create Legacy of Destruction

Are we going back, or are we moving forward?


We Don't Need No Stinkin' Plan

Backed by union-dense lamestreams, Baracko rides above it all


(via story at powerlineblog.com)

Baracko's Game Is Slipping

Costly WH P2P green-scam scandals like Solyndra, A123 cited


Frank Podmore, Lock Box, Gdańsk

On this day: August 14
U.S. Marines invade Nicaragua to support the U.S.-backed government installed there after José Santos Zelaya had resigned three years earlier (1912)

Social Security Act passes, creating a U.S. government pension system for the retired (1935)

Lech Wałęsa leads strikes at the Gdańsk, Poland shipyards (1980)

President Barack Obama lectures a select group of unionists in Belgrade, Montana on his federal takeover of health insurance, known as Obamacare (2009)

d: Frank Podmore (1910), Bertolt Brecht (1956), Lane Kirkland (1999)

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