Sunny 2012 Takes On Sunny 2008

Did you have a good fundamental transformation?


Baracko Injects Collectivism Into Campaign

Presidebt's first children's book REVEALED!


(story at tobytoons.com)

Baracko Still Out of Touch

Because Progs only gain by screwing others over


Jelly Donut, Frank Marshall Davis, Cash-for-Clunkers

On this day: June 26
End of the June Days Uprising in Paris (1848)

The first U.S. troops arrive in France to fight alongside Britain, France, Italy, and Russia against Germany, and Austria-Hungary in World War I (1917)

U.S. occupying forces leave the Dominican Republic (1924)

John F. Kennedy speaks the famous words "I am a jelly donut" on a visit to West Berlin (1963)

President Barack Obama signs the 'Cash-for-Clunkers' bill into law (2009)

b: Willy Messerschmitt (1898); d: Max Kögel (1946), Frank Marshall Davis (1987)

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