Too Late to Apologize for Obamacare

Hard Progs '12 play George III v. Founding Fathers


SCOTUS Fundamentally Transformed USA

A once-free people now in Depends

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Use The Force, Barack

The Force will be with you, always


Obama Takes Another Vacation

U.S. not as shovel-ready as he expected


George Steinbrenner, Lwów, FOIA

On this day: July 4
City of Providence, Rhode Island forms (1636)

Nazi Germans massacre Polish scientists and writers in the captured Polish city of Lwów (1941)

President Lyndon B. Johnson signs the Freedom of Information Act into United States law (1966)

b: Meyer Lansky (1902), George Steinbrenner (1930); d: Élisée Reclus (1905), Gerda Steinhoff (1946)

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