WH Operatives Run Class War

Hands-on Presidebt takes a very personal interest in enemies-kill list


Badger Progs Weigh Mob Rule

Is this what a republican form of government looks like?


WH Occupy Fair Shot

O-Camp wages typical Class War to divide the opposition


(story at moonbattery.com)

O-Camp Saves-Creates Hope & Change

Alinskyite Chicago gang out-of-step with 2012


The Farhud, John Dewey, Obama-UAW

On this day: June 1
The Leninist Communist Youth League of the Karelo-Finnish SSR holds its first congress (1940)

The Farhud, a pogrom in Iraqi Jews, takes place in Baghdad (1941)

President Barack Obama speaks to the American public about granting ownership of General Motors to the United Auto Workers union in a press conference at the White House (2009)

b: Georgi Dobrovolski (1928), d: Ion Antonescu (1946), John Dewey (1952), Adolf Eichmann (1962), Nikolai Tikhonov (1997)

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