'The Dictator' Shovel-Ready for 2nd Term?

O-Camp to double-down on toxic, debt-laced Stimulus


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Border Progs Weigh Worker-Choice

Economic liberty anywhere curbs oppressive union thugs everywhere
MPP Randy Hillier, Ontario Progressive Conservative labour critic, recently introduced legislation to defend a worker’s choice to be part of a union or not.

The Defending Employee’s Rights Act (Collective Bargaining and Financial Disclosure by Trade Unions), 2012, is the start of a series of labour reform bills that Hillier intends to introduce in the coming weeks.

“This legislation will provide workers in Ontario the right to choose what union they want to be a part of and whether or not they want to be a member of a trade union,” said Hillier in a release. “Freedom of association is a right provided to all Canadians. Period. This act will remove the coercion that employees face across the province to join a union as a condition of employment.”

If the individual decides to opt into the union, their dues can still be remitted from their paycheque, but only for collective bargaining purposes. If a union would like to raise funds for endeavours other than for collective bargaining, they must have expressed written consent from their union members, and they must collect it voluntarily from the employee, not mandatory from the employer.

The Defending Employee’s Rights Act, 2012, will also require that unions disclose their finances to the public so union members can know where their union dues go without fear of repercussion from their bosses for asking.
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What a Night for Barack!

Erick Erickson takes on the crumbling New Prog firewall
This was a bad night for Barack Obama. Whoever decided to put the Democratic National Convention in North Carolina should be given a lollipop by the GOP for the intense level of comedic schadenfreude we can all now watch.

The Democrats will convene in a proudly right to work state whose state Democratic Party is imploding due to a gay sexual harassment scandal, the state itself just voted for marriage by a margin few statewide candidates in North Carolina get, and twenty percent of Democrats voted against Barack Obama in the North Carolina Democratic Primary.

On the bright side, North Carolina is not West Virginia where a felon in federal prison in Texas locked up 40% of the vote in the Democratic Primary against Barack Obama. The Chain Gang looks to be as popular as the Change Gang. Seriously! Joe Manchin, West Virginia’s Democratic Senator, would not even tell reporters who he voted for in the primary.

In Indiana, Richard Mourdock beat Richard Lugar. Lugar is Barack Obama’s favorite Republican Senator. The Washington, DC Gang of 500 — the political reporters who set the tone for political coverage in America — are still crying in their beer as the sun rises that Indiana’s statewide elected Treasurer beat a Republican incumbent who has never been a threat to the liberal agenda the Gang of 500 agrees with.

The truth is that as much as tea party energy gave Richard Mourdock a surge and a platform, two-thirds of Indiana’s county Republican chairmen and a majority of the Indiana GOP State Committee encouraged Mourdock to run. Lugar did not lose for defying the tea party. He lost because he lost touch with Indiana.

Then there’s Wisconsin, where more Republicans turned out than Democrats for the Democrats’ contested primary. The Democrat who won the right to challenge Scott Walker in the recall was, only a month ago, savaged by the unions and has already spoken up in favor of tax increases.

But if that’s not enough, then there’s Europe. Yes folks, Europe.
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Vote Fraud: Crumbling Pillar of The Left?

Intolerance of injustice depresses Prog prospects


Ethiopia Annexed, Hermann Göring, Ulrike Meinhof

On this day: May 9
Italy formally annexes Ethiopia after taking the capital Addis Ababa on May 5 (1936)

Hermann Göring is captured by the U.S. Army (1945)

President Barack Obama picks swing-state Virginia to deliver a big speech at Hampton University commencement (2010)

b: Ştefan Foriş (1892), Baldur von Schirach (1907), Daniel Berrigan (1921); d: Ulrike Meinhof (1976)

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