Obama Just Go

Our global Leveler-in Chief announces he's ready


O-Voter Fraud Aids Prog Cause

A Pillar of the Left examined by crusading new media journalist James O'Keefe


It's All About What Obama Is Not

Mr. Obama said he does not back "class warfare," does not want to "redistribute wealth," and does not support "class envy." It's been a while since an American president felt he had to make such assertions.

(full story at online.wsj.com)


Nobody Likes Obamacare

HillaryCare never even made it to Demon Pass


Paul Robeson, Tbilisi, Robert Mapplethorpe

On this day: April 9
In Tbilisi - the Soviet Socialist Republic of Georgia - anti-Soviet peaceful demonstrators and hunger strikers demand restoration of Georgian independence and are dispersed by the Soviet army, resulting in 20 deaths and hundreds of injuries (1989)

Georgia declares its independence from the Soviet Union (1991)

b: Paul Robeson (1898), Viktor Chernomyrdin (1938); d: Wilhelm Canaris (1945), Phil Ochs (1976), Robert Mapplethorpe (1989)

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