What Is A 'Progresista'?

Taking away choices that aren't good for you, without your consent


Post-Constitutional SCOTUS Hits Limits

Only Congress can repeal Hard-Prog Obamacare law they passed


Court Can't Kill Obamacare
Contrary to what some may believe, President Barack Obama’s health care law would not automatically collapse if the Supreme Court strikes down the unpopular requirement that most Americans carry medical insurance or face a penalty.

The unpopular federal takeover could still lurch ahead without that core requirement, experts say.
(full story at theblaze.com)

O-Camp Unbolsters Leftwing Cred?

Dem Big Tent quietly designed for New Prog Era
Heh: Until yesterday, “Socialists.com” and “Communists.com” redirected to the Obama campaign website.
(from weaselzippers.us)

Maxim Gorky, Paris Commune, Edward Mandell House

On this day: March 28
The Paris Commune is formally established (1871)

In Pennsylvania, a pump in the reactor cooling system fails in the Three Mile Island accident, resulting in a nuclear meltdown (1979)

President Barack Obama delivers a speech at the National Defense University explaining why he ordered U.S. military intervention in Libya without Congressional approval (2011)

b: Maxim Gorky (1868), Edmund Muskie (1914), Zbigniew Brzezinski (1928), Neil Kinnock (1942); d: Edward Mandell House (1938), Dwight D. Eisenhower (1969)

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