Welcome to Obamaville

It's a 2014 disturbed state of mind


Manufactured Issues Distract Voters

Progs have always been creative in silencing those who disagree


Obama Abandons Obamacare!

Barack: Don't celebrate my signature Progressive legislative achievement


Marx Madness Continues

Vote The People's choice for Most Vile Prog of the Year
FTR Radio announced Monday evening the launch of The FTR Radio Marx Madness Tournament, a sixty-four person tournament that will determine the winner of what they call “The most vile progressive of the year.”

“We think this is going to be a lot of fun. The station put together a great selection committee that had to narrow a large field down to just sixty-four people–and it was a difficult task”, says Thomas LaDuke, Executive Director of FTR Radio. “Over the years, liberals have been very effective at poking fun at conservatives. We thought this would be a fun way to return the favor.”

Each person will be seeded, one through sixteen in four different regions. Winners in each individual match up will be determined by votes cast on the station’s website, http://FTRRadio.com.

Every region will crown a regional champion, who will move on to the final two rounds. It will take six rounds of voting before a MVP will be determined.
Vote: here.
(from ftrradio.com)

Harry Houdini, Wilhelm Reich, Thomas Dewey

On this day: March 24
Elvis Presley is officially inducted into the U.S.Army (1958)

Argentina's military forces depose President Isabel Perón and start the National Reorganization Process (1976)

President Barack Obama holds his second prime time press conference in the East Room of the White House, to discuss the government's intentions to solve the global economic crisis (2009)

b: William Morris (1834), Erik Weisz (1874), Wilhelm Reich (1897), Thomas Dewey (1902); d: John Hersey (1993)

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