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Presidebt meets-exceeds first term goals, but unfinished business remains

A picture is worth a thousand words and this one speaks volumes. On March 13, The Weekly Standard posted the following photo of an Exxon gas station’s price marquee. The station is within walking distance of the White House and the listed price for its Supreme grade is frighteningly pushing $6.
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'Fundamentally transforming the U.S.A.'You would think that they'd be saying 'Thank you'.

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President Obama's
Cloward-Piven Strategy

Critical Race Theory Explained

Once again, SunnyTV makes the complicated as easy as pie


Soledad O'Brien Loses The Narrative

Award-winning advocacy journo ❤ radical racism-justice theory


CNN Anchor's Implosion Rocks Lamestreams
The Daily Caller reports that Wikipedia has frozen its entry on Critical Race Theory, reverting to the version of the page that existed before her on-air implosion in debate with Breitbart.com's Joel Pollak.

At the time, O'Brien--evidently citing the first line of the Wikipedia entry--claimed that Critical Race Theory had nothing to do with white supremacy. However, the same entry she relied upon--or which producers provided via her earpiece--mentions white supremacy twice.

The Daily Caller quotes a senior Wikipedia editor as saying that the entry is being frozen for a short time because of attempts to cover for O'Brien--and competing attempts to uncover the cover-up: "Given the flurry of reverts by and of anons yesterday I’m semi-protecting the article for a week."

As for O'Brien, she has yet to correct the record, and attacked Pollak for an entire segment in her Monday show, leading even sympathetic media critics to mock her attempted "do-over." She has asked angry viewers to "stop tweeting" her about the subject.
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Ridicule is man's most potent weapon - Saul Alinsky

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Oppressive Corruptocrat Progs: Shoot The Messenger

James O'Keefe opens new territory in the backlash against leftwing voter fraud


Dem SoS ignores violation of election integrity, aims probe at videographer instead
State elections officials are sharply criticizing an undercover video that surfaced Tuesday and purportedly shows individuals using the names of dead or living people in order to obtain ballots for Vermont elections, including this year’s presidential primary.

The video, released via the Breitbart.com website by conservative activist James O’Keefe, shows a series of exchanges at voting precincts where an individual identifies himself as a person whose name is on the voter checklist. The individual, however, is not asked to show identification to prove who he is before being given a ballot.

“You said who you are,” one local voting official tells the individual when asked why no identification had to be shown. “Your name is on there.”

At least seven people, six described in the video as “living” and one as “dead,” are named in the video as the people whom the individual is impersonating as he goes through the process of obtaining a ballot.
(full story at burlingtonfreepress.com)

Progs Find Primary Opposition

Survival of GOP may ride on purging its BigGov collectivists


Si Newhouse Family Striken

Monopolist billionaires bid goodbye to an unabashed advocate of the NewProg oligarchical collectivism
Bob Caldwell, editor of The Oregonian's editorial pages, was in the Tigard apartment of a 23-year-old woman when he went into cardiac arrest Saturday afternoon.

The woman called 9-1-1 at 4:43 p.m. to report that Caldwell, 63, was coughing and then unresponsive after a sex act. Washington County sheriff's officers and medical personnel responded and transported him to Providence St. Vincent Medical Center, where he later was pronounced dead.

The woman told deputies she met Caldwell about a year ago at Portland Community College. Caldwell, she said, knew she didn't have much money, so he provided her cash for books and other things for school in exchange for sex acts at her apartment.

Caldwell had not given her money Saturday, she told deputies. They decided against pursuing prostitution charges. Deputies notified Caldwell's family of his death Saturday evening.

The Oregonian previously erroneously reported that Caldwell had been found in his parked car on Saturday.
(from cnsnews.com)
After graduation from the UO, he worked as a reporter, editor and publisher at several newspapers in the Northwest. While he spent most of his life in Oregon, Caldwell served briefly as the managing editor of the Valley Newspapers in Kent, Wash., in 1979, but returned to Oregon as editor of the Springfield News.

After that, he was publisher of The Outlook in Gresham and then came to The Oregonian as a copy editor in 1983. From there, he became regional editor, a job that put him in charge of the paper's state and regional coverage. He then advanced to the position of Metro editor, directing the paper's assistant metro editors, suburban editors and reporting staff. He held that job for eight years before being named the paper's first public editor in 1993.

Two years later, he was named editorial page editor, where he also directed the newspaper's daily commentary pages and Sunday Opinion section.

"Bob Caldwell was an outstanding journalist and editor who cared deeply about Oregon and Oregonians," said N. Christian Anderson III, president and publisher of The Oregonian.

Caldwell was active in professional organizations and is a past president of the Oregon Newspaper Publishers Association, the Oregon Newspaper Foundation and the Western Oregon chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists. He was also a member of the Oregon Press-Bar-Bench-Broadcasters Committee.
(from oregonlive.com)

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Si Newhouse's Mob Story
Do you ever wonder why The Oregonian never runs stories about union or government corruption - ignoring it - as if it doesn't exist? There's a very good explanation that will help readers understand.

Karl Marx, Kraków, William Jefferson

On this day: March 14
The Gold Standard Act is ratified, placing U.S. currency on the gold standard (1900)

German forces liquidate the Jewish ghetto in Kraków (1943)

Cedar Revolution, where over 1.1 million Lebanese went into the streets of Beirut to demonstrate against the Syrian military presence in Lebanon, and against the government, following the assassination of Prime Minister Rafik Hariri (2005)

President Barack Obama meets the Brazilian President, Trotskyite Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva at the White House (2009)

b: W. Willard Wirtz (1912), William J. Jefferson (1947), d: Karl Marx (1883), Walter Crane (1915), Werner von Blomberg (1946), Edward Abbey (1989)

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