Why Barack Is Still A Mystery

Dinesh D'Souza explains this unusual kind of Democrat


WH Class Warfare Fraud EXPOSED!

The Left always sows division where it does not exist
Despite President Obama and Democrats’ insistence that the rich “pay their fair share,” three-quarters of likely voters believe the nation’s richest should pay lower, not higher, taxes, according to a poll conducted by the Hill.

The Hill reports:
The big majority opted for a lower tax bill when asked to choose specific rates; precisely 75 percent said the right level for top earners was 30 percent or below.

The current rate for top earners is 35 percent. Only 4 percent thought it was appropriate to take 40 percent, which is approximately the level that President Obama is seeking from January 2013 onward.
(full story at freebeacon.com)

Obama It Ain't Right!

Battle Hymn of The Community Organizer


Ridicule is man's most potent weapon - Saul Alinsky

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We Know Where You Live

Obama agency forces firms to give workers' names and addresses to union thugs


Obama Fixing U.S. Global Problem

Domestic policy wreckage an inspiration to have-nots everywhere


Follow The #Occupy Money

It leads unexpectedly to the usual Prog suspects


Mission Accomplished, Branch Davidian

On this day: February 28
The first Gulf War ends (1991)

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms agents raid the Branch Davidian Church in Waco, Texas with a warrant to arrest the group's leader David Koresh. Four BATF agents and five Davidians die in the initial raid, starting a 51-day standoff (1993)

b: Ben Hecht (1894); d: Henry Luce (1967), Carlos Keller (1974), Daniel J. Boorstin (2004), Miguel Serrano (2009)

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