Workers Still Exploited By Union Bigs

Employee Rights Act is a balanced approach to updating forced-labor unionism


Americans Stung By Obama Rant

Oligarchical Collectivist is sick and tired of us


Ridicule is man's most potent weapon - Saul Alinsky

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Summary of Saul Alinsky's 'Rules for Radicals'
AlinskyDefeater's Blog
Rules for Radicals at amazon.com

Lame Duck Goes Hard Prog

BHO crams down his New Prog legacy in final year of term


Serfdom, FDR-Internment, Fidel Resigns

On this day: February 19
Serfdom is abolished in Russia (1861)

President Franklin D. Roosevelt signs the executive order 9066, allowing the U.S. military to relocate Japanese-Americans to Japanese internment camps (1942)

Fidel Castro announces that he will resign as President of Cuba (2008)

b: Constantin Brancusi (1876), Saparmurat Niazov (1940), Karen Silkwood (1946); d: André Gide (1951), Charles O. Finley (1996), Deng Xiaoping (1997)

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