New Big Tent?

Meet The Alleged Tea Party Panthers


H8ing Breitbart 2012

The Lamestream Left bares ugly fangs again


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Don't Ever Forget Obama

Reckless overspender's latest budget more of the same


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President Obama's
Cloward-Piven Strategy

The federal debt has increased by $4.47 trillion since President Barack Obama released his first federal budget on Feb. 26, 2009. That budget was entitled, “A New Era of Responsibility.”

On Feb. 26, 2009, as Obama released his budget for fiscal 2010, the national debt stood at $10.88 trillion (10,881,159,722,022.36). At the close of business on Feb. 9, 2012, the national debt stood at $15.36 trillion ($15,355,838,921,022.16). That represents an increase in the debt of $4.47 trillion ($4,474,679,198,999.80).

The $4.47-trillion increase in the debt since Obama released his first budget is more than the national debt increased from President George Washington through President George H. W. Bush, who left office on Jan. 20, 1993. At the end of fiscal 1993 (on Sept. 30, 1993, the national debt stood at $4.41 trillion ($4,411,488,883,139.38), according to the U.S. Treasury.
(from cnsnews.com)

Prog Banks On Another Term

AFL-CIO darling neglects to mention FDR opposed BigGov unionism


Planned Eugenics, France, Solzhenitsyn

On this day: February 13
France tests its first atomic bomb (1960)

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn is exiled from the Soviet Union (1974)

Konstantin Chernenko succeeds the late Yuri Andropov as general secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (1984)

b: William Shockley (1910); d: Robert Klark Graham (1997), Walt Rostow (2003)

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