The Ineligible President

Outdated, oppressive U.S. Constitution may force Soetoro-Obama off 2012 ballots


(story at moonbattery.com)

Our Post-Constitutional Era Confirmed

The Ruling Class Left bares its ugly contempt for America's core


Hurting America SuperBowl Ad

We need to export Big-Gov Cronyism to the dustbin of history


Ridicule is man's most potent weapon - Saul Alinsky

Bonus links:

Blame America, Not Obama

WH demands the power to force Congress to Hopenchange


E-Z Swing State Voter Fraud 2012

James O'Keefe exposes how BigGov O-Progs cheat to win


Joseph Schumpeter, Cuba Ban, Dateline NBC

On this day: February 8
Travel, financial and commercial transactions by U.S. citizens to Cuba are made illegal (1963)

Proceedings of the U.S. Senate are broadcast on radio for the first time (1978)

General Motors sues NBC after Dateline NBC allegedly rigs two crashes intended to demonstrate that some GM pickups can easily catch fire if hit in certain places; NBC settles the lawsuit the next day (1993)

b: Joseph Alois Schumpeter (1883); d: Peter Kropotkin (1921), John Murtha (2010)

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