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School Union Dues Rip-Off Reported

Just 14% of fees to Labor Bigs needed for collective bargaining
A full-time teacher and member of the Pennsylvania State Education Association pays $654 a year in union dues to state, national and local affiliates of the union. While part-time teachers and other school workers such as janitors and secretaries pay less, nearly all must pay “fair share fees” to keep their jobs.

So how does the PSEA spend its members’ hard-earned money? By valiantly defending our teachers, right?

Well, only if you count golf outings, ski trips and luxury getaways as fighting for the little guy. The pie chart below on the PSEA’s 2010-11 spending shows 18 percent went to “union administration”—including the aforementioned junkets, which frequently appear as “leadership conferences” in the union’s annual report. A further 21 percent went to overhead costs. A reported 6 percent went to lobbying and political activities.

In other words, almost 45 percent of PSEA’s expenditures simply went to running the union, lobbying and leadership meetings, while union bosses devoted a mere 14 percent to “representational activities” that are meant to directly benefit rank-and-file members.
(from commonwealthfoundation.org via workplacechoice.org)

It's Forced Unemployment, Stupid!

Obama's lost labor force statistics EXPOSED!
Since Barack Obama assumed office, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the total population over age 16 has grown by 5.845 million to 240.5 million, and yet, since then, the civilian labor force has actually shrunk by 349,000 — from about 154.2 million to 153.8 million.

This is a startling contradiction, and it is at the heart of why the unemployment rate is much higher than the 8.5 percent being reported.

The problem is that the measured civilian labor force participation rate has fallen from 65.7 percent to 64 percent since Jan. 2009, reflecting people who have lost hope and simply stopped looking for work. If those people were still counted, the actual civilian labor force would be 4.176 million higher than is reported at about 158 million.

Based on this analysis, the number of unemployed is actually closer to 17 million instead of the 13 million reported jobless. That is simply astounding.

Instead of 8.5 percent, the effective unemployment rate should be closer to 10.9 percent, and the underemployed closer to 17.4 percent, or 27.3 million. This is what we mean when we say that the unemployment rate is no longer a valid economic indicator.
(full story at getliberty.org)

Donna Rice, Fidel Castro, Bill Clinton

On this day: January 7
Benito Mussolini and French Foreign Minister Pierre Laval sign the Franco–Italian Agreement (1935)

The U.S. recognizes the new Cuban government of Fidel Castro (1959)

President Jimmy Carter authorizes legislation giving $1.5 billion in loans to bail out the Chrysler Corporation (1980)

The impeachment of President Bill Clinton begins (1999)

President Barack Obama meets with former President Bill Clinton at the White House (2010)

b: Heinrich von Stephan (1831), Orval Faubus (1910), Donna Rice (1958); d: Hirohito (1994)

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