Obama Too Good For Reelection

'You can fault me for being honest to a fault'


Crash Going On Three Years

D.C. Progs funda-transed U.S. beggaring to $4 billion/day


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'Fundamentally transforming the U.S.A.''The fundamental flaw of this country'

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President Obama's
Cloward-Piven Strategy

Another Obama BigGov Power Grab

Giving broad new edict powers to the unaccountable Fed
Liberal groups are pressing the White House to invoke the “Roosevelt Option” to stack key government positions with radicals ready to carry out an anti-business, pro-big labor regulatory agenda.

The Roosevelt Option is coined from the actions of Teddy Roosevelt who in 1903, in a split-second between two congressional sessions of Congress, made more than 100 recess appointments. In 2012, Congress will need to move from the First Session of this current Congress to the Second Session. Liberals claim the fraction of a second between the sessions is enough to trigger presidential power.

Others are more brazenly calling for the president to invoke presidential powers never before contemplated. Some have even suggested the president declare the Congress in recess, like a tinhorn dictator from a Third World country.

But even invoking the so-called “Roosevelt Option” may not solve the liberals’ conundrum. Sources tell Capitol Confidential that the statute creating the CFPB demands that the director be confirmed by the Senate—not installed via recess appointment—to trigger the agency’s shift from Treasury to the Fed and empower the Director.
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Fabianism, Great Society, Speaker Pelosi

On this day: January 4
The Fabian Society is founded in London (1884)

U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson proclaims his 'Great Society' during his State of the Union address (1965)

The 110th U.S. Congress elects Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House (2007)

b: William Colby (1920); d: Albert Camus (1960), Hans Lammers (1962), Erwin Schrödinger (1961)

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