Novel Police Union Bargaining Tactic Cited

Not unlike the bogus 'Kimberlin' 911 calls that send armed SWAT raids to the residences of outspoken constitutionalists
The mystery caller who falsely accused Costa Mesa Councilman Jim Righeimer of driving drunk is a private investigator linked to a law firm that worked for the Costa Mesa Police Association.

Dispatch tapes obtained by The Orange County Register identified the caller as Chris Lanzillo. Lanzillo is a fired Riverside police officer who according to a published report got a medical retirement and became a private investigator. Lanzillo worked sometimes for the Upland law firm of Lackie, Dammeier & McGill, which until late last week represented the Costa Mesa police union.

The union and city are tied up in contract negotiations.

At a news conference Friday, Righeimer blamed employee unions for the "911" call that sent an officer to his home to conduct a sobriety test. Righeimer had just arrived from a local bar, where he had two Diet Cokes. He passed the test, and now wants the District Attorney's Office to look into the incident, noting a similar event in Buena Park in 2010.
(full story at ocregister.com)

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