Odministration Preps Destructive '13 Exit

H8 for The Oppressive America unites all collectivists
“Cultural suicide” is what Rep. Allen West calls the direction that U.S. national security—and especially the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)—is taking America with its policy of political correctness towards the Muslim Brotherhood. Speaking on “Fox and Friends” TV program, the Florida Congressman, left, was reacting to reports that the FBI recently has edited its training curriculum in order to conform to Muslim Brotherhood definitions of non-offensive material for counterterrorism training.

West accepts that when the Brotherhood threatens to “destroy the Western civilization from within,” it means what it says. In return, he asserts what most Americans probably would consider to be basic common sense: “We should not allow the Muslim Brotherhood or associated groups to be influencing our national security strategy.”

In addition to the wholesale purge of FBI counterterrorism training materials, the Washington Post reported on February 16, 2012, that the FBI was “willing to consider a proposal from a coalition of Muslim and interfaith groups to establish a committee of experts to review materials used in FBI anti-terrorism training.”
(from radicalislam.org)

Class struggle(in Marxist ideology) the conflict of interests between the workers and the ruling class in a capitalist society, regarded as inevitably violent.
"Oh [Muslim] brothers, the nation that excels in the death industry, and knows how to die a noble [death], Allah grants it a precious life in this world and eternal bliss in the Afterlife. The only weakness that shall humiliate us is the love of this world and hating death. Therefore we have prepared your souls for great action, strive for death - and life will be given to you."-- From Palwatch translation of The Muslim Brotherhood handbook.

How U.S. Progs Cause Suffering

Spending via continuing resolutions instead of a budget allows the Obama Stimulus to be built into the baseline


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President Obama's
Cloward-Piven Strategy

Why Obama Must Go

Hope may be long-gone but it can't get any worse, can it?


Reichstag, Saigon, Obama Secret Service

On this day: April 30
Soviet soldiers raise the Victory Banner over the Reichstag building (1945)

Communist forces gain control of Saigon, the Vietnam War formally ends with the unconditional surrender of South Vietnamese president Duong Van Minh (1975)

President Barack Obama makes a Rose Garden statement on the economy joined by representatives and workers from two U.S. manufacturers including A123 Systems, a Massachusetts based advanced battery manufacturer later accused of securities fraud. He also travels to the James J. Rowley Training Center in Beltsville, Maryland and observes the Secret Service's training procedures and demonstration activities (2010)

b: Max Nettlau (1865), Alice B. Toklas (1877), Joachim von Ribbentrop (1893); d: Adolf Hitler, Eva Braun (1945), Ron Todd (2005)

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Obama Exceptionally Cool, Progressive

All-in for The New Prog Era


Eva Braun Weds, Cambodia, Rodney King Riots

On this day: April 29
Adolf Hitler marries his long-time partner Eva Braun in a Berlin bunker and designates Admiral Karl Dönitz as his successor; both Hitler and Braun will commit suicide the next day (1945)

U.S. and South Vietnamese forces invade Cambodia to hunt Viet Cong (1970)

Riots in Los Angeles, California, following the acquittal of police officers charged with excessive force in the beating of Rodney King (1992)

President Barack Obama meets with participants of the 1968 Memphis Sanitation Strike at the White House (2011)

b: Hirohito (1901), Bernard Madoff (1938); d: Matthias Kleinheisterkamp (1945)

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Ride The O-Road to a NewProg Future

Crucify a few, and the subjects will shut up and serve the rulers


Progressivism Likened To Tyranny

Liberal fascists always eliminate choices that aren't good for us


Jerry Horan, Aldrich Ames, Elena Kagan

On this day: April 28
Benito Mussolini and his mistress Clara Petacci are executed by a firing squad consisting of members of the Italian resistance movement (1945)

U.S. troops land in the Dominican Republic to "forestall establishment of a Communist dictatorship" and to evacuate U.S. Army troops (1965)

President of Afghanistan, Mohammed Daoud Khan, is overthrown and assassinated in a coup led by pro-communist rebels (1978)

American engineer Ben Linder is killed in an ambush by U.S.-funded Contras in northern Nicaragua (1987)

Former C.I.A. official Aldrich Ames pleads guilty to giving U.S. secrets to the Soviet Union and later Russia (1994)

b: James Baker (1930), Saddam Hussein (1937), Elena Kagan (1960); d: Jerry Horan (1937), Roberto Farinacci (1945), Roy Lee Williams (1989)

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How and When To 'Out' O-Fraud

O-Camp swindle of swing-state voters in '08 set for replay


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