Class Warfare 1933 Redux

Obama retraces FDR's Prog-Nationalist, liberal-fascism


How To Mourn A Collectivist Icon

Kim Jong Il, we hardly knew ye


Happy Birthday Cornhusker Kickback

Corrupt Obamunists like Sen. Ben Nelson ought to stand down


Sidney Hook, Cheka, Manuel Noriega

On this day: December 20
Cheka, the first Soviet secret police, is founded (1917)

Hitler released from Landsberg Prison (1924)

National Front for the Liberation of Vietnam is formed (1960)

The U.S. sends troops into Panama to overthrow government of Manuel Noriega (1989)

b: Sidney Hook (1902), Jean Marchand (1918), Richard Cordtz (1921); d: Richard J. Daley (1976)

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