Trumka's Fair Share

Doesn't know what it is, but knows he pays more than that


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Trumka Goons Gunned Down Eddie York

Jon Corzine, Obama's Architect

The smartest crooks in the room


Meet The Keystone XL Pipeline

Top Big Gov't Busts of '11, #10


Vote: The Worst Reporting Of 2011

What a year for the union-dense lamestream news industry

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Newt ❤ FDR

All D.C. standard-bearers are Progs


Obama Failure Likened to Hoover, FDR

Under collectivism, Big Gov must get bigger


Regime Change Needed

Obama makes his case against self


Justice Kagan's Impeachable Offense Cited

Suspect two-month 'gap' suggests perjury in Senate confirmation
The Supreme Court said Justice Elena Kagan had recused herself from the decision to take the immigration case, suggesting she won’t be part of the hearing or final ruling.

She has come under fire from conservatives for not recusing herself from the health care case, since she was solicitor general for Mr. Obama from March 2009 through May 2010. She stopped taking part in cases in March 2010, when she learned that she was under consideration for the high court, in order to preserve her ability to take part in rulings as a justice.

The health care legislation was signed in March 2010, but emails show her colleagues began talking about a legal strategy as early as January, leaving one top Republican congressman to question the “two-month gap” in the record.
(full story at washingtontimes.com)

League of Nations, Commerce Clause, ALBA

On this day: December 14
The Soviet Union is expelled from the League of Nations (1939)

The SCOTUS rules that the U.S. Congress can use its Commerce Clause power to fight discrimination (1964)

Cuba and Venezuela found the Bolivarian Alliance for the Americas (2004)

President Barack Obama meets with Wall Street titans (2009)

b: Daniel De Leon (1852), Errico Malatesta (1853), Spike Jones (1911); d: George Washington (1799), Walter Lippman (1974), Orval Faubus (1994), Andrei D. Sakharov (1989)

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