Dustbin DNC Takes On Newt

Was clever Prog-BigGov ad meant to backfire?


Drums Beat For Kagan Impeachment

Huge Obama public integrity test looms
Professor Eric Segal is a widely published constitutional attorney who is a self-professed liberal.

Therefore, when the subject of Elena Kagan's recusal is seen by most Democrats as a partisan issue -- rather than simply an issue of obvious, judicial integrity -- his Slate opinion piece ("A Liberal’s Lament on Kagan and Health Care") represents a breath of fresh air.


Thank you, professor, for demonstrating that at least one Democrat is capable of publicly advocating an ethical and intellectually honest course of action for Justice Kagan.
(full story at directorblue.blogspot.com)

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Obama Energy Policy Questioned

Crony socialism, green-fraud deemed an environmental hazard



WH #Occupy On The Waterfront

Militant left coast ILWU anarchists strike back


(full story at michellemalkin.com)

We're Living Obama's D.C. Budget

We're all a little spread-it-around now


Extermination, Kenya, Russian Federation

On this day: December 12
Adolf Hitler announces extermination of the Jews at a meeting in the Reich Chancellery (1941)

Prime Minister Jomo Kenyatta becomes the first President of the Republic of Kenya (1964)

Russian Federation gains independence from the USSR (1991)

b: Henry Wells (1805), William N. Doak (1882), Ed Koch (1924); d: Lawton Chiles (1998), Mo Udall (1998), Keiko (2003)

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