A Nation of Takers

You are being enslaved to the idea of BigGov collectivism


A Nation of Thieves

Under the corrupt seniority system, we're all screwing each other


Malazy Obama's America

Youthful Obama can become our worst ex-President ever


SEIU, AFL-CIO #Occupy Obama WH

Leftwing churches and unionists take to the streets


Real Questions About Newt

A career cultivating political cunning tends to distort values


Collective Bargaining Reform Works!

But not according to union thugs


Thank You Barney Frank

He saved Our Progressive Century


Tony Boyle, Sergei Kirov, East Germany

On this day: December 1
Politburo member Sergei Kirov is shot dead by Leonid Nikolayev at the Communist Party headquarters in Leningrad (1934)

The first draft lottery in the U.S. is held since World War II (1969)

East Germany's parliament abolishes the constitutional provision granting the Communist Party the leading role in the state (1989)

President Barack Obama travels to the United States Military Academy to give a big speech about his new strategy for the War in Afghanistan (2009)

b: Georgy Zhukov (1896), Tony Boyle (1904); d: Gust Avrakotos (2005)

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