Reagan Gives Thanks For Liberty

GOP icon was a better story-teller than President Barack Obama


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Leadership Gone Missing

Tingles has heard stories you wouldn't believe


Union-Dense Lamestreams Go Left

Recognize the reliable hand-maidens of Our Progressive Century


An O-Prog Thankstaking

Obama fundamentally transforming our history


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'Fundamentally transforming the U.S.A.'You would think that they'd be saying 'Thank you'.

The No Climate Change Dirge

We've All Been Gored, 1


Intro Music For Radicals

Union-dense lamestream entertainment industry lampooned


Ridicule is man's most potent weapon - Saul Alinsky

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Evolution, Carrie Nation, Hollywood Ten

On this day: November 25
Evolution Day

Alfred Nobel patents dynamite (1867)

In Berlin, Germany and Japan sign the Anti-Comintern Pact, thus agreeing to consult on what measures to take "to safeguard their common interests" in case of an unprovoked attack by the Soviet Union against either nation (1936)

The "Hollywood Ten" are blacklisted by Hollywood movie studios (1947)

The People's Republic of China joins the Korean War, sending thousands of troops across the Yalu river border to fight United Nations forces (1950)

b: Andrew Carnegie (1835), Carrie Nation (1846)

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