We Deserve To Run Our Schools

Labor bigs force management rights repeal onto Ohio ballot


ACORN Is Alive And Well

SEIU fraud unit pays $10/hr to #OWS mob


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ACORN officials cover up connections to #OWS
Officials with the revamped ACORN office in New York — operating as New York Communities for Change — have fired staff, shredded reams of documents and told workers to blame disgruntled ex-employees for leaking information in an effort to explain away a FoxNews.com report last week on the group’s involvement in Occupy Wall Street protests, according to sources. “They’re doing serious damage control right now,” said an NYCC source.
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Obama's Balanced Approach Explained

Carpetbagger WH has zero tolerance for non-union work
The person that John spoke to is an executive on the Charlotte in 2012 Host Committee who are central to the planning of the convention and how things will operate in Charlotte. There are only a handful of executive members of this committee, but John refrained from naming anyone specific. Ultimately, which one it is may not matter. What does matter is how the conversation went. According to John, he approached this person to see why he couldn’t get any traction with the committee.

They responded by asking him, “John, are you a union shop?” When John told him he was not, the Committee member told him, “We were just told that we cannot accept bids unless they are from companies that are unionized.”

“Cannot? Or will not?,” John asked. ”Cannot,” was the response he got.

When he pressed to find out who to complain to, he was not given a straight answer. After spending some time thinking about, accepting that the jobs would not go to his company, John decided he wanted his story to be told. Not for political reasons so much. He says he thinks that partisanship need not enter into this.

As far as he’s concerned, he was denied the opportunity to even compete for work because unions had already bought and paid for the people in charge. Maybe he could’ve let it go at that point if not for the fact that the Mayor of Charlotte, Anthony Foxx, hadn’t gone to such great lengths to assure the citizens that this would be a boon for their local economy and an opportunity for the city’s business owners. With the mayoral election in Charlotte coming next Tuesday, these broken promises of jobs has been something Foxx’s opponent, Republican Scott Stone, has been pointing out.
“I think one of two things is going to happen: either the workers are going to come from out-of-state, either Chicago or Philly, and they’re going to come and get the work,” Stone said. “Or, they’re going to force local people, local employees and local companies, to unionize if they want to get a piece of this project. So, one of those two things is going to happen and neither one is good.”
According to John Monteith, that’s exactly what happened. The person on the committee that he spoke to specifically asked him if he could unionize his shop in order to make bidding possible.
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#OWS v. Tea Party

Compare and contrast using this handy cultural scorecard

According to Barack Obama, the chaos created by the Occupy Wall Street infestations is “not that different from some of the protests that we saw coming from the Tea Party.” Yet there are a few points of contrast:

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Reject H8ful #OWS

Sign the petition: http://RejectOWS.com


Artists Critique Obamunism

'The savior hits ground'


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'Future canceled, youth hit hardest'

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Ridicule is man's most potent weapon - Saul Alinsky

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Pelosi Blinded In The Swamp

Shocked Prog says corruption is a matter of pride


Angry Public Sector Plagues Illinois

Entitled Left pushes labor-state to the brink of failure


Vadum Takes On Trumka

'Richard Trumka is a thug’s thug, and a crafty one at that'
The AFL-CIO boss believes the end justifies the means. Breaking the law is acceptable if it advances the cause. Unions should “forget about the law; this is about more than that,” he said at the “Future of Unions” roundtable in Detroit on April 7th.

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Trumka doesn’t even make an effort to conceal his radicalism. “Being called a socialist is a step up for me,” he told Bloomberg News in June. In 1994, Trumka proudly accepted the Eugene Debs Award named after the five-time presidential candidate and labor organizer who founded the Socialist Party of America.

As an AFL-CIO executive, Trumka helped to create “Union Summer,” a program for training young people as organizers and political activists. Participants were made to recite a pledge called “Working Class Commitment” that included the Marxist idea “that we [union workers] produce the world’s wealth … [and] will end all oppression.”

Trumka, a mine worker-cum-lawyer, admits he got involved in “the labor movement not because I wanted to negotiate wages,” but “because I saw it as a vehicle to do massive social change to include lots of people.” As he’s climbed the ranks of AFL-CIO leadership, Trumka has moved away from his modest roots. His 2011 compensation package at AFL-CIO totaled $293,750, according to LM-2 disclosure forms on file with the U.S. Department of Labor. Trumka apparently lives in a four-bathroom house assessed at $747,650 in Rockville, MD, a suburb of Washington, D.C.
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Hungary, Rose Bird, TOTUS

On this day: November 4
Soviet troops enter Hungary to end the revolution that started on October 23 (1956)

Chief Justice Rose Bird and two colleagues are removed from the Supreme Court of California by the electorate via recall (1986)

President Barack Obama speaks from TOTUS at James C. Wright Middle School in Madison, Wisconsin discussing the American education system (2009)

b: Will Rogers (1879); d: Max Shachtman (1972)

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