The Origins of #Occupy EXPOSED!

Lamestream free-pass for The Left means this does not matter


Obama, Geithner, Soros Credited

The #OWS Left not accountable for hypocrisy
Listening to Obama speak makes you wonder if he thinks Americans are just plain stupid. Whether he's demonizing tea party supporters as "racist" or promoting "class warfare" by saying millionaires don't pay "their fair share" he is the most divisive president ever.

His friends in the "occupy" movement are stomping and desecrating our flag while they carry the Communist flag with pride. If you ask 10 of them what they want you'll get 10 different answers.

I've never seen a bigger bunch of ignorant people being led around by the nose and funded by extreme radical left wing organizations.

The funny part is that Obama is the single greatest recipient of money from Wall Street trial lawyers and corrupt unions. His cabinet is full of Wall Street bigshots like Tim Geithner who orchestrated the bank and corporate bailouts the protesters are so angry about. These "occupiers" should be outside the Oval Office with torches and pitchforks or should be occupying Hollywood, which is packed full of millionaire Obama supporters.

Democrats are jumping on the "occupy" bandwagon (under the pretense of being against greed) showing us exactly what kind of people they are. The protesters in New York and elsewhere who clearly have no knowledge of economics want to bring down capitalism. They march right by George Soros' home (the radical billionaire socialist who funds them) and protest outside of Rupert Murdoch's home who has absolutely nothing to do with Wall Street.

Eighty percent of millionaires are self-made, who lifted themselves out of poverty through hard work — not by camping out in public parks demanding a handout. Capitalism didn't bail out banks and corporations, Obama's big goverment socialist policies did.

You have got to be out of your ever-lovin' mind to vote for Obama again.

DENO MILLAS, Resica Falls
(from poconorecord.com)

Newt Coulda Been A Contender

Instead of a scheming Prog, which is what he is


Hoosier Worker-Choice Looms

28 states force folks to pay union bigs as a condition of employment


Cronyist Pols ❤ Union Bigs

O-Biden opens doors for P2P barbarians

A recurring theme from the current administration is that to be pro-organized labor is to be pro-worker. Concurrently, the administration has consistently refuted that it is using class warfare as a theme.

A comment from Vice President Biden in March 2011 summed it up when he stated, "We don't see the value of collective bargaining; we see the absolute positive necessity of collective bargaining. Let's get something straight: the only people who have the capacity -- organizational capacity and muscle -- to keep, as they say, the barbarians from the gate, is organized labor. And make no mistake about it: the guys on the other team get it. They know if they cripple labor, the gate is open, man. The gate is wide open. And we know that, too."

For Joe Biden to incorrectly and belligerently suggest that being pro-union means being pro-worker is pure flawed logic. He obviously has never worked as a supplier to a large union company or worked as an employee in a company supplying a union company.

In my experiences helping groups avoid bankruptcy, the tier-1 and tier-2 suppliers to the auto industry and their employees, many of whom are UAW members as well, have suffered horribly at the hands of the big three (GM, Chrysler, and Ford) and the big one (the UAW).
(full story at americanthinker.com)

Recall The Good Old Days

You cannot get rid of a good Prog politician


Great War, WTO, Novaya Zemlya

On this day: October 30
Czar Nicholas II grants Russia's first constitution, creating a legislative assembly (1905)

The Ottoman Empire signs an armistice with the Allies, ending the Great War (1918)

The General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade / World Trade Organization is founded (1947)

The Soviet Union detonates the hydrogen bomb Tsar Bomba over Novaya Zemlya, it is still the largest explosive device ever detonated (1961)

President Barack Obama cancels a 22-year old immigration and travel ban on citizens with HIV (2009)

b: Grace Slick (1939); d: Günther von Kluge (1882), Donna Rachele Mussolini (1979)

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