House GOP Takes On Obamunists

Ruling Class appalled by challenge to P2P crony-socialism
House Republicans are no longer content to use the investigative powers of Congress to go after President Obama’s healthcare overhaul by compelling Obama administration to cough up information and testify before their committees.

In recent weeks, the GOP has launched a dragnet for internal information from companies with ties to the White House about the healthcare law and its impact on business.

The move has Democrats crying foul and accusing Republicans of abusing their investigative authority to intimidate company executives who are cooperating with President Obama and serving on his Council on Jobs and Competitiveness.
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Obama Finally Gets Credit

Leveler no longer has to share limelight with Bush
For the first time, more than 50 percent of Americans blame President Barack Obama for the nation’s economic woes, a Gallup poll released Thursday finds.

An unemployment crisis, falling home values and incomes, the debt ceiling debate and rising poverty may be making Americans less confident in the president’s ability to keep the economy on sound footing.
(from huffingtonpost.com)

High-Production for Class Warfare Ad

The Left divides the opposition as GOP fails to defend liberty


Progressive Regression To The Mean

Iconic Leftist lashes out at the truth
A doctor who said Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez had only two years to live has fled the country saying he fears for his life.

Medical officials said police had visited Dr Salvador Navarrete's office after his comments were published last week. The doctor said that President Chávez had a very aggressive form of cancer.

On Thursday, Mr Chávez returned from a medical check-up in Cuba saying he was cured.
(from bbc.co.uk)

Melbourne Cleans Up #OWS

But union-dense police locals in U.S. hold solidarity with The Left


John Reed, Cuban Blockade, PATCO

On this day: October 22
First U.S. casualties in Vietnam (1957)

President Kennedy announces that U.S. spy planes have discovered Soviet nuclear weapons in Cuba, and orders a naval "quarantine" (1962)

The U.S. Federal Labor Relations Authority decertifies PATCO for its illegal strike the previous August (1981)

b: Daniel Boone (1734), John Reed (1887), Bobby Seale (1936)

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