Press On With Corporate Cronyism

Leninists don't need no stinkin' authorization


#OWS For Dummies

Everything you need to know


Reagan Misappropriated By The Left

Shameless Progs at it again


So now it’s Nancy Pelosi’s turn, saying on ABC’s “This Week” yesterday: “Listen to Ronald Reagan when he talked about how unfair it was for a bus driver to be paying at the same rate as a millionaire. . . . He speaks beautifully to the unfairness of that scenario.”

Sigh. Well, good news: my Commentary magazine October cover story, “The Liberal Misappropriation of a Conservative President,” is now out from behind the subscriber firewall, and not a moment too soon. If this keeps up, we can expect even Jimmy Carter to say “Reagan was right all along!”

(from Steve Hayward at powerlineblog.com)

James O'Keefe Takes On #OWS

Walk a day in an investment banker's shoes


U.S. Surrenders Economic Freedom

It comes with the Prog-Collectivist territory


GreenFraud Colors Obama WH

Solyndra is only the tip of the corrupt O-iceberg
As failed solar panel manufacturer Solyndra rides through the investigative ringer in Congress, revelations of another politically-connected company that received what appears to be a less-than-virtuous $1.2 billion loan guarantee are surfacing.

The company, SunPower, received its $1.2 billion loan guarantee in September, immediately before the program’s deadline.

SunPower isn’t as financially sound as the public was led to believe when it secured a loan guarantee twice the size of Solyndra’s $535 million loan.
(full story at dailycaller.com)

Tea Party Welcomed To #OWS

Unions destroy jobs; The Man is BigGov


Meet The 53%

We are the ones who pay all the federal income tax


(more at the53.tumblr.com)

Viva La Stupidity!

Folks forget that collectivists are murderous


NLRB Keys NBA Work Stoppage

Reformers would allow federal courts to takeover for antiquated pro-union agency


Sidney Webb, Lufthansa 181, Test Ban

On this day: October 13
The new government of Italy sides with the Allies and declares war on Germany (1943)

Four Palestinians hijack Lufthansa Flight 181 to Somalia and demand release of 11 members of the Red Army Faction (1977)

The U.S. Senate rejects ratification of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (1999)

President Obama gives a statement thanking U.S. Senator Olympia Snowe, and thirteen Democratic Senators on the Senate Finance Committee for approving the Obamacare bill (2009)

b: Ari Fleischer (1960); d: Jozef Tiso (1887), Sidney Webb (1947), Gus Hall (2000)

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