Union Bigs Take On Motor City

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Big Labor vs. Taxpayers Index

Now you can know if you pay tribute in a Labor State

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Collective Bargaining Reform EXPOSED!

Revising outdated union laws results in unexpected savings, flexibility in Wisconsin


'The Obama Touch' Cited

WH Progs' reverse-Midas effect masks underlying corruption
I like to call it "The Obama Touch".

Turns out another half-a-billion dollars of your money was just flushed down the "green jobs" hole, the inevitable result of the relentless, climafraud, Soviet-style, central planning economic model of the Obama Democrats:

Solyndra, a San Francisco based solar panel company that received a $535 million loan guarantee from the federal government has declared bankruptcy. Last year President Obama touted the company as “leading the way” in the green jobs future he envisions. (from biggovernment.com)

When the final history of this administration is written, I predict that we will have seen the most wanton waste, fraud and abuse of the taxpayer in history; in fact, it will have been of a scale so epic and so unbelievably criminal in nature that Richard Nixon will look like George Washington in comparison.
(from directorblue.blogspot.com)

Welcome To The Police State

You cannot record unionized law enforcement officers in 12 states


Obama Immigration Status SNAFU

First Family ups America's irritation


Poland, Gaddafi, KAL 007

On this day: September 1
Nazi (National Socialist Workers Party) Germany attacks Poland, beginning the war in Europe (1939)

Revolution in Libya brings Col. Muammar al-Gaddafi to power (1969)

Korean Air Flight 007 is shot down by a Soviet Union jet fighter, all 269 on board are killed, including U.S. Rep. Lawrence McDonald (1983)

The Communist Labour Party of Turkey/Leninist is founded, following a split from the Communist Labour Party of Turkey (1990)

b: Walter Reuther (1907), Ann Richards (1933), Mikhail Fradkov (1950); d: Albert Speer (1981), Ilse Koch (1967)

Community Organizing for the New Progressive Era
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