Another Classist Myth Busted

Leftwing angry narrative of envy, resentment does not fit the U.S. experience


Organizing For Social Justice At 2AM

Middle Class warfare erupts on the Liberal Plantation


A pack of 30 teens helped themselves to items in a Maryland 7-Eleven early Sunday morning in what authorities have labeled another instance of a possible flash mob.

The store, which is located in Germantown, Md., was empty at 2 a.m. Sunday morning when a group of teenagers calmly walked in and picked out items as though they were shopping. Then, just as calmly as they entered the store, police say, they exited without paying for the items.

A surveillance video from the store shows a large group of teens taking candy and other snacks. They appear quiet during the incident and some appear to cover their faces with their shirts in an apparent attempt to avoid identification.

“As criminals go, they were pretty neat,” Howard Hersh, a spokesman from the Montgomery County police. “There were no injuries and they didn’t ransack the store.”

He said police are investigating the matter, and have extensive resources in place to track social media in the community that may organize such mob scenes. This is the first instance where a possible flash mob took to a store in the county. No arrests have been made.
(from liveleak.com)

Craig Becker Fights Back For Obama

NLRB Refuses to Comply With House Oversight Subpoena
House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-CA) [said] on Friday that the National Labor Relations Board had refused to comply with a subpoena the committee issued on Sunday. The subpoena asked for documents related to the NLRB’s action against Boeing, and requested they be sent by today at noon.

“The National Labor Relations Board and Acting General Counsel Lafe Solomon have thus far failed to comply with a lawful subpoena,” Issa said in a statement Friday afternoon. “This refusal by NLRB to abide by the law further heightens concerns that this is a rogue agency acting improperly. The integrity of NLRB and its leadership is clearly in question...”

Needless to say, this incident can be added to President Obama's Complete List of Historic Firsts.

(from blog.heritage.org, image from directorblue.blogspot.com)

Progs Acting Up Sept. 17

Class Warriors, leftwing vanguard to get up in Wall Street's face


Class struggle(in Marxist ideology) the conflict of interests between the workers and the ruling class in a capitalist society, regarded as inevitably violent.

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President Obama's
Cloward-Piven Strategy

Collectivism Ought Not Be Controversial

Oligarchical Leninist Progs want to either mandate or outlaw all things


Obama Welcomed To Minnesota

Fundamental transformation of USA plays poorly in battleground states


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'Fundamentally transforming the U.S.A.'You would think that they'd be saying 'Thank you'.

Meet The Debt-End Tour

Can Obama Progs change direction with America?


Schumacher, LBJ's coup, HUAAC

On this day: August 16
The Communist Party is banned in German-occupied Norway (1940)

A coup d'état replaces Duong Van Minh with General Nguyen Khanh as President of South Vietnam (1964)

The House Un-American Activities Committee begins investigations of Americans who have aided the Viet Cong. Anti-war demonstrators disrupt the meeting and 50 people are arrested (1966)

b: George Meany (1894), E. F. Schumacher (1911); d: Harry Dexter White (1948), Abu Nidal (2002), Idi Amin (2003)

Community Organizing for the New Progressive Era
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