Obama Bamboozles GOP Again

Ruling Class Progs' similarities transcend differences
By a margin of 64 percent to 26 percent, Republicans across the country say they disapprove of the debt-limit legislation that Republican congressional leaders finalized this week with Democratic congressional leaders and President Barack, according to a new Gallup poll.
By an almost identical margin of 64 percent to 25 percent conservatives disapproved of the deal also.
Independents also disapproved of the deal 50 percent to 33 percent, according to Gallup.
By contrast, Democrats approved the deal 58 percent to 28 percent and liberals approved it 51 percent to 35 percent.
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Food Stamps Surge Unexpectedly

Obama's U.S. a plantation of dependents and debt slaves


We're All Saul Alinsky Now

Stanley Kurtz takes on Obama's political style
“Leading from behind” is classic Alinskyite strategy. The idea is for the organizer to find out what the people he’s organizing want, give them enough of that to gain authority and control, then slowly and quietly push the group in his ideological direction, all the while making it seem as though the plan is what the people themselves have asked for.

Obama used to literally lead from behind, by stage-managing his group’s protests from the back of the room, while the ostensible leaders took charge on stage. That is what Alinskyite organizers do.

Alinskyite organizers are tough when facing down the “enemy” (their word), but subtle, stealthy, and incremental when dealing with the members of their own group. Above all, they are never openly ideological. Everything is portrayed as pragmatism.

The trouble with Obama’s Alinskyite leadership style is that he’s trying to adapt it to the presidency, a role it was never designed for. When he tries classic Alinskyite polarization, he’s treating people he’s supposed to be leading as his enemies. When he tries to bring about leftist results under the guise of a neutral pragmatism, he disappoints his base, which desperately wants him to turn his eloquence to the task of persuading the country of their principles.

Obama is a bad negotiator because Alinskyite’s don’t negotiate, they intentionally polarize. As for their own groups, here they try to placate all factions and hide their own goals. That about describes Obama’s performance on the debt deal, which included a dollop of both of these stances.

I’ve laid it all out in Radical-in-Chief, from standard Alinskyite operating procedure, to Obama’s own use of it in Chicago, to the contradictions inherent in the attempt to apply these lessons to the presidency. As far as I can tell, Obama is still moving according to this Alinskyite template. In his own words, it was his true political education. It’s still the key to what he’s up to.
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Having Another Progressive Summer

Our Obama Recovery is Cloward-Piven winning!


When Crony-Capitlism Is Not Fascism

In Our Prog Century, BigGov ideology trumps partisanship


Woodrow's War, Soviet-Mexico, Yasser

On this day: August 4
Germany invades Belgium, the United Kingdom declares war on Germany, the U.S. declares its neutrality (1914)

Diplomatic relations between Mexico and the Soviet Union are established (1924)

A tip from a Dutch informer leads the Gestapo to a sealed-off area in an Amsterdam warehouse where they find Jewish diarist Anne Frank and her family (1944)

President Barack Obama's 50th birthday is marked with a lavish Chicago party, including celebrities, while U.S. is mired in 'silent crisis' of Obama's making (2011)

b: Yasser Arafat (1929), David Lange (1942), Alberto Gonzales (1955), Barack Obama (1961)

Community Organizing for the New Progressive Era
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