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Fundamental Transformer's solid B+ rating at risk


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Anti-Collectivism Raises Ire

Non-union work bemoaned
Thomas the Tank Engine is a favorite of my children, especially my son. Thomas books, TV shows, movies and toys are things you can let your children enjoy without worrying about the leftist indoctrination that permeates most of the entertainment products geared towards kids – this, of course, infuriates moonbats. (H/T Scott via Moonbattery Open Thread comments)

Jessica Roake, a fan of Marxist literature, has an article at Slate bemoaning the values which children learn from Thomas the Tank Engine and his friends on the Island of Sodor: hard work, good manners, friendship, and being a useful contributing member of one’s society. Roake complains that the Thomas story lines shine a positive light on Conservatism and (predictably) she even goes so far as to imply that the fact that one of the engines has black paint is raaacist! The trains in the Thomas story are not community organized and do not belong to a labor union, they pride themselves on being “really useful” and doing the best that they can to do a good job – the horror!

To the collectivist, there must never be a “moral to the story” for children to learn from because those morals may lead down a dangerous road which ends with kids growing up to be happy and productive individuals who are assets, instead of liabilities, to their communities. All that is good must be destroyed, even, or perhaps especially, if that good comes in an adorable form.
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Purges of intellectuals and imperialists becomes official People's Republic of China policy at the beginning of the Cultural Revolution (1966)

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b: Mary Harris "Mother" Jones (1837), Ron Gettelfinger (1944); d: Frank Little (1917), Walter Ulbricht (1973), Fahd bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud (2005)

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