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As part of his ongoing effort to change the way Washington does business, Congressman Joe Walsh today announced his introduction of a Constitutional amendment placing term limits on Members of the U.S. Congress. The legislation that was introduced along with Rep. Schweikert (AZ) and Rep. Jeff Duncan (SC), would place a limit on the amount of time a Member of the U.S. House may serve to three terms and a Member of the U.S. Senate to two terms. As an amendment to the U.S. Constitution, it would require a two-thirds majority vote approval in the House and Senate and must be ratified by three-fourths of the states.

“Americans know Washington has long forgotten the citizen legislator vision of our Founders,” said Rep. Walsh. “That’s why I was elected in November – to help restore founding ideals like this. More often than not politicians come to Washington and lose touch with reality and those they represent. Focusing more on the politics of this town than on making difficult decisions to help better the nation.”

“If we have any hope of ending business as usual in D.C., we must first change the process. We can start this reform with term limit legislation. Term limits encourage competitive elections and a consistent influx of new leaders bringing a range of different experiences and new ideas to Congress. Keeping the same Members in Congress year after year will yield the same results – runaway spending and a sky-high debt that has led the United States to the verge of insolvency. It’s time to put an end to this. It’s time to bring in new Members with fresh ideas, ready and eager to serve. It’s time to pass a term-limit Amendment.”
(from walsh.house.gov)

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On this day: July 27
Maximilien Robespierre is arrested after encouraging the execution of more than 17,000 "enemies of the Revolution" (1794)

Japanese troops occupy French Indo-China (1941)

The Supreme Soviet of the Belarusian Soviet Republic declares independence of Belarus from the Soviet Union (1990)

President Barack Obama attends the U.S.–Communist China Strategic and Economic Dialogue held in Washington, D.C. (2009)

b: Norman Lear (1922), Celilia Muñoz (1962); d: Gertrude Stein (1946)

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