Cut Up Obama's Credit Card

BigGov spending reductions never pan out


Welcome to The Post-Constitutional Era

The natural result of Our Progressive Century


The Truth About BigGov Overborrowing

We really need to lower, not raise, the so-called debt limit


Why Obama Threatens Seniors

Because he can blame others and get away with it


Klavan Takes on Bachmann-H8

Progs love to make fun of The U.S. Constitution


Labor-State Warrior Takes on PEUs

Meet Bill Sizemore
For those of you who are new to politics, or at least "newer" and may not have been fighting in the trenches back when Bill Sizemore was taking on the Public Employee Union Thugs of Oregon, I encourage you to take some time to watch his latest presentation.

He spoke recently to some Tea Party folks out in Clackamas County. Even though Bill has been off of the public stage for a few years now and there are a lot of new folks working the grass-roots of Oregon politics, you can't watch Sizemore speak on PEUs and realize why they (the PEUs) hate him so much.


Bill Sizemore AFP Presentation- Govt. Unions from Bill McKee on Vimeo.

(from nwrepublican.blogspot.com)

We're All Debt Slaves Now

The national debt ceiling should be lowered


Vichy, Barbara Lee, NAALCP

On this day: July 16
Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia signs the first constitution of Ethiopia (1931)

The Vichy France government orders French police officers to round up 13,000-20,000 Jews and imprison them in the Winter Velodrome (1942)

President Barack Obama gives a speech in New York City at the NAALCP's 100th anniversary celebration

b: Vicente Lombardo Toledano (1894), Hermine Braunsteiner (1919), Barbara Lee (1946); d: Carmelo Soria (1976), Frank Rizzo (1991)

Community Organizing for the New Progressive Era
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