Typical Collectivism EXPOSED!

Keynes reburied again
Consider this story, for example:
A charismatic academic with limited government experience and a one-word slogan (“Change”) was elected to lead his nation.

Prior to that election, the nation’s debt was a very manageable 28.6% of GDP. Yet by the end of the new leader’s first term in office, that ratio had skyrocketed to 54.7% of GDP and by the time his second term in office came to a close, it had reached the mid-80s.

This leader ushered in a dramatic growth of government. He created a new government-run healthcare system, expanded public sector employment, nationalized struggling companies, and increased government handouts.

In the end, his unprecedented government expansion changed the nation’s expectations and attitudes about the role of government in society and sowed the seeds of the nation’s eventual failure.

Now let’s revert to that unique Paul Harvey intonation for the surprise ending:

The decade was the 1980’s, the nation was Greece and that charismatic leader was Andreas Papandreou. And now you know (dramatic pause) the Rest of the Story.
(from ihatethemedia.com, background: National Review

Obama's Prog Hacks Smacked Down

WH intervenes in Wisconsin without OK from Congress


Marco Rubio Takes On Class Warfare

'The kind of language you'd expect from a third world leader, not a POTUS'


UFT Plantation In Revolt

Leftwing racist jihad against competition hits the wall


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Walter Williams Takes On Pay-To-Play

Corruption is endemic to progressive BigGov


Obama Economic Theory UNVEILED!

Collectivists don't get results like this by accident


Wade Rathke EXPOSED!

Former SEIU-ACORN big shifts focus to The Muslim Brotherhood
What ACORN’s real life Doctor Evil doesn’t say is that he caused a disaster in Springfield years ago. Rathke caused a riot in Springfield in order to advance his small-c communist objectives.

As I explain in my book Subversion Inc: How Obama’s ACORN Red Shirts are Still Terrorizing and Ripping Off American Taxpayers (WND Books),
Rathke was arrested after he led an invasion of the Springfield welfare office with 250 or more women and students armed with signs reading “More for the poor, less for the war.”

After the welfare director refused to give in to the crowd’s demands for winter clothing benefits they were not entitled to, Rathke’s members rioted. Millions of dollars’ worth of property was destroyed over two days of unrest.

The Soviet government used Rathke’s riot as anti-American propaganda, publishing an article about it in Pravda. Rathke’s experiences “reinforced his belief that one important resource for poor people was their ability to disrupt.” He realized that despite the failure of the action to achieve its objective, his followers felt empowered by violence directed against the system. This empowerment by rioting became a staple of ACORN’s playbook.
Along with all of ACORN’s leaders, Rathke belongs in jail. If only we didn’t have a president who was part of the problem.

America needs to know that ACORN is restructuring in time to help re-elect President Obama in 2012.

Obama used to work for ACORN and represented the group in court as its lawyer. These radical leftists who use the brutal, in-your-face, pressure tactics of Saul Alinsky want to destroy America as we know it and will use any means to do it.

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Class struggle(in Marxist ideology) the conflict of interests between the workers and the ruling class in a capitalist society, regarded as inevitably violent.
"Oh [Muslim] brothers, the nation that excels in the death industry, and knows how to die a noble [death], Allah grants it a precious life in this world and eternal bliss in the Afterlife. The only weakness that shall humiliate us is the love of this world and hating death. Therefore we have prepared your souls for great action, strive for death - and life will be given to you."-- From Palwatch translation of The Muslim Brotherhood handbook.

DSK and the Union Maid

Criminal case another black eye on collective bargaining
One very important fact has been largely absent from the coverage of the sexual assault case against Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the former head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and, until latterly, leading candidate to be the next president of France. The hotel housekeeper whom he allegedly assaulted was represented by a union.

The reason that this is an important part of the story is that it is likely that Strauss-Kahn's alleged victim might not have felt confident enough to pursue the issue with either her supervisors or law enforcement agencies, if she had not been protected by a union contract.
(from guardian.co.uk)

Eugen Fischer, Bloody Thursday, NLRA

On this day: July 5
Venezuela declares independence from Spain (1811)

Germany takes possession of Cameroon (1884)

"Bloody Thursday": Police open fire on striking longshoremen in San Francisco (1934)

The National Labor Relations Act is signed into law by President Franklin D. Roosevelt (1935)

b: Eugen Fischer (1874); d: Tom Mboya (1969), Kenneth Lay (2006)

Community Organizing for the New Progressive Era
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