Job-Killers ♥ Regulation, Uncertainty

How D.C. collectivists assault America's free-enterprise system


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Cartoonist uses traditional symbol of the hard Prog, anti-semitic Left


(historic cartoons from Moe Lane @ redstate.com)

DOJ Terminates Whistleblower

Obama ATF attempts cover-up of criminal-corrupt Operation Gunrunner


Court Nixes Sinful, Tyrannical Law, 5-4

SCOTUS voids dirty public-finance campaign thievery
The United States Supreme Court has ruled taxpayer-funded campaign systems in which state governments compensate outspent candidates with more government funding unconstitutional.

CNN reports, “A conservative 5-4 majority of justices on Monday said the law violated free speech, concluding the state was impermissibly trying to ‘level the playing field’ through a public finance system.”
(from nationalreview.com)

"To compel a man to furnish contributions of money for the propagation of opinions which he disbelieves is sinful and tyrannical." -- Thomas Jefferson

Obama Criminalizes Non-Union Work

Yet another job-killing collective bargaining cram-down
On the one hand, the NLRB’s proposal to ‘streamline’ union elections is meant to make it easier for unions to unionize employers in the least amount of time with the least amount of resistance, while giving union organizers access to employee telephone numbers and e-mail addresses and drastically curtailing employers’ ability to appeal NLRB decisions.

However, on the other hand, in an effort to broaden the definition of “union busting,” it is the Department of Labor’s proposal to redefine the term ‘persuader’ that will force many unsuspecting businesses, associations, and “consultants” (i.e., lawyers, human resource consultants, PR firms, and others, as well as seminar attendees and providers) to report their fee arrangements to the federal government—or face jail time and/or fines for failing to do so.

Here’s a quick summary:

According to the Department of Labor, you might be union busting if …
  • You give (or attend) a seminar that provides information on how to communicate with employees about their Section Seven Rights or collective bargaining
  • You conduct (or purchase) an employee attitude survey
  • You produce (or purchase) a website, a video, other multi-media presentation, or communication of any sort that educates employees about unions
  • You develop personnel policies
  • You establish or facilitate employee committees
  • You provide (or purchase) information about a labor organization (i.e., constitution, bylaws, etc.)
(from laborunionreport @ redstate.com)

Why I'm A College Democrat

The embarrassing video that was taken down from YouTube


Forcing Teachers To Pay Union Dues

Why our government schools are failing youngsters and parents


Michele Bachmann for President

In Iowa, native daughter pledges to send the Obamas packing


Edward Carpenter, Malcolm X, Elián

On this day: June 28
Labor Day becomes an official U.S. holiday (1894)

Malcom X forms the Organization of Afro-American Unity (1964)

Political refugee Elián González is returned to communist Cuba, in a victory for Attorney General Janet Reno (2000)

President Barack Obama hosts a reception in the East Room for LGBT Pride Month.

b: Carl Levin (1934), Leon Panetta (1938); d: Edward Carpenter (1929), Alexander Berkman (1936)

Community Organizing for the New Progressive Era
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