SEIU Infects Golden State GOP

New top-2 primary system could enable Progs to secure labor-state
One of California's largest labor unions today advanced a plan intended to result in the election of more moderate Republicans.

By creating a Republican political action committee, Service Employees International Union California officials say they hope to help send people from right-leaning areas to Sacramento who put practical solutions in front of strict conservative thinking.

The union says 87,000 of its 700,000 members are registered Republicans. With redrawn legislative boundaries looming and the creation of the top-two primary system, SEIU's new leader Dave Kieffer has said this is the perfect time to start helping candidates. SEIU is expected to launch its second ad campaign this weekend in the districts of current GOP legislators its officials believe could support Brown's tax package.

The union's Golden California Committee will spend as much money as is needed to ensure election of candidates who put a focus on areas such as jobs, schools, health care for the young and elderly and public safety, Schoonover said.

"We are committed to a long-term political struggle to make sure middle-class families have a voice again," he added.

Republican strategist Kevin Spillane said the union wouldn't have a significant effect--no matter how much money the union spends.

"This is just sound and fury," he said. "It's political posturing to influence and intimidate some of the current Republican legislators. The reality is that we're not talking a real widespread impact in next year's elections."

Spillane added that union support would hurt Republican candidates in the eyes of Republican voters. Kieffer said on Wednesday that strategists could make union support an issue in races, but it would not be one that SEIU couldn't overcome.
(from sacbee.com)

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Vanzetti, Soviet Bailout, Charlie Rangel

On this day: June 11
The U.S. agrees to send Lend-Lease aid to the Soviet Union (1942)

Frank Morris, John Anglin and Clarence Anglin become the only prisoners to successfully escape from the prison on Alcatraz Island (1962)

Buddhist monk Thich Quang Duc burns himself with gasoline in a busy Saigon intersection to protest the lack of religious freedom in South Vietnam (1963)

President Barack Obama stages a 'town hall' meeting of unionists in Green Bay, Wisconsin to discuss health regulation (2009)

b: Bartolomeo Vanzetti (1888), Charles B. Rangel (1930), Henry Cisneros (1947); d: John L. Lewis (1969)

Community Organizing for the New Progressive Era
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