Progs Lean On Deadly Sins

What happens when class warriors gain power
If what the liberal "progressives" have in mind for us is so wonderful, why do they resort to the seven deadly sins to achieve their goals?

Greed - This is represented by the redistribution of one's honestly earned wealth. We are stealing from one another at an ever increasing rate. The form that this redistribution takes ranges from government grants (after they take their 30% cut) to foreign aid.

Envy - The business of capitalizing on "class warfare" to achieve equality of outcomes. The free market can accomplish this.

Lust - The seemingly endless parade of nitwits, sexual deviants, and philanderers seeking power and position for their self-interest must end. We need leaders like George Washington who accepted leadership reluctantly.

Sloth - We continue to reward people for their inaction. We reward bad behavior and failure and attack the productive part of society with ever increasing taxes.

Anger - Politicians and special interest groups continue to loot the treasury by stirring the pot of social and racial hatred. The name calling had better stop or we will all have bloody hands.

Gluttony - This is not so much an eating disorder as an "entitled mentality". I'm already stuffed with free "goodies" and I want more. John Smith would never stand for this attitude.

Pride - It will be a matter of great pride when Obama, Nancy and Harry finally trample capitalism and free enterprise into the dirt. If you look carefully at the states these 3 originate from they are in desperate financial straits.
(from beaufortobserver.net)

Tennessee Takes On The Seniority System

Move over, Wisconsin, here comes 'collaborative counseling'
To fix public schools, you have to control public schools. And there’s little control when teachers unions, with their self-serving agendas, question every cost-cutting proposal and reform on the table.

That’s why so many state governments have taken swift action to limit the power of organized labor in public schools. Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana, Idaho and Michigan were the first, and Tennessee added itself to the list on Wednesday. Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam affixed his signature on House Bill 130 and Senate Bill 113, ending collective bargaining and giving local school boards the full authority to operate their districts in the manner they choose.

That doesn’t mean the unions are shut out of the discussion. The new laws create a process called “collaborative conferencing,” where the school board, administrators and union officials will be forced to sit and discuss many of the normal issues, including salary, insurance, grievance procedures and working conditions.

If the two sides agree on any number of issues, they can sign binding “memorandums of understanding,” that will serve the same purpose as collective bargaining agreements. But any issues that are left unsettled will be the sole domain of the school board, with no appellate procedure available to the unions.

School boards will also have the option of not entering into any sort of agreement with the union. In that case they would have full authority to deal with all issues in an arbitrary manner.

Tennessee lawmakers were careful to leave a few key items off the discussion table, including personnel and staffing decisions, how to use grant money, the evaluation process for employees and whether or not payroll deductions can be made for political purposes.

That means the end of the road for the treasured union concept of seniority, particularly when it’s applied at layoff time.
(from Kyle Olson @ biggovernment.com)

Manchurian Moonbat Insomniac

What keeps Obama up at night


Reagan Takes On Normandy

When the President wasn't a Pantywaist


Soviet-Argentina, Mengele, Tommie Smith

On this day: June 6
The Soviet Union establishes diplomatic relations with Argentina (1946)

The grave of "Wolfgang Gerhard" is exhumed in Embu, Brazil; the remains found are later proven to be those of Josef Mengele, Auschwitz's "Angel of Death" (1985)

The Indian Army attacks the Golden Temple in Amritsar following an order from Indira Gandhi; death count adds up to almost 6,000 (1984)

b: Roy Innis (1934), Tommie Smith (1944), David E. Bonior (1945); d: Robert F. Kennedy (1968)

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