Meet Enemy of the State James O'Keefe

Louisiana judge quarantines crusading journalist-reformer indefinitely, without cause

A federal judge has denied a request by James O’Keefe, the conservative auteur-provocateur, to make a series of trips outside New Jersey.

Since O’Keefe is on probation for his conviction last year for his role in a harebrained undercover operation inside Senator Mary Landrieu’s New Orleans district office, he has to get judicial approval to travel outside New Jersey, where he resides with his family. As part of the scheme targeting the Louisiana Democrat, two O’Keefe cronies dressed up as telephone repairmen and sought access to the politician’s telephone system (O’Keefe--himself a noted master of disguise--was secretly recording the goings-on with his cell phone).

Knowles’s order does not detail his reasons for vetoing the 26-year-old O’Keefe’s motion. The judge has routinely approved prior O’Keefe travel requests.

O’Keefe’s proposed itinerary, filed in U.S. District Court, included his attendance at next month’s Faith and Freedom Conference in Washington, D.C., and a late-June board of directors meeting in Baltimore for Project Veritas, the “investigative journalism” organization he founded last year.

O’Keefe also wanted to travel next month for paid speaking engagements in Baltimore and South Carolina. Additionally, he planned on making three trips to Solomons, Maryland, a coastal vacation destination not far from Lusby, where his family maintains a second home.

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Reagan Smacks Down Obama

Thanks to the miracle of modern technology


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Gandamak, Moondog, Kádár, Heidegger

On this day: May 26
The impeachment trial of U.S. President Andrew Johnson ends, with Johnson being found not guilty by one vote (1868)

The Soviet Tupolev Tu-144 becomes the first commercial transport to exceed Mach 2 (1970)

Russia and the U.K. sign the Treaty of Gandamak establishing an Afghan state (1979)

b: Moondog (1918), János Kádár (1912); d: Theodore Morell (1948), Martin Heidegger (1976)

Community Organizing for the New Progressive Era
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