Labor-States In Jeopardy

Should workers be forced to pay union dues as a condition of employment?


New Leaders Sought for Abused America

Collectivist Progs have cultivated ignorance to downgrade freedom, liberty


An Introduction to American Majority's New Leaders Project from American Majority on Vimeo.

Guide To New Prog Era Reviewed

Meet Kevin Williamson and The Meaning of Socialism


Barack Obama Approves This Message

Defense of ObamaCare defines The New Prog Era


Obamunize This!

Thank George W. Bush for another leftwing lifetime appointee


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Susan Carney Confirmed By Senate for U.S. Court of Appeals
In a 71-28 Senate vote, Susan Carney has been confirmed to a seat on the U.S. Court of Appeals. The opposition to Carney in the Senate was confined to the Senate’s conservatives.

On January 5, 2011 President Obama renominated Susan Carney to serve on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit. Carney is unqualified to serve as an appeals court judge. She has never tried a case to conclusion, she has rarely examined witnesses, and she has never even argued a case before an appeals court. Even the American Bar Association gave her a lackluster rating of Substantial Majority Qualified, Minority Unqualified.
(from netrightdaily.com)

Iran-Venezuela Daily WH Briefing

Union-dense Lamestreams silent as history repeats

Venezuela moving ahead with Iranian missile base

BREAKING! Iran Building Missile Bases In Venezuela That Could Reach US!

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Obama's Own Missile Crisis EXPOSED!
Venezuela : Iran = Cuba : Soviet Union

The Kochs Must Be Stopped

Proud anti-collectivists draw Prog fire; hazing has a chilling effect on others' free speech


Meet Collectivism Reform

Give every senior a pile of Medicare money


Ho Chi Minh, Malcolm X, Hoffa

On this day: May 19
Mexico ratifies the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo thus ending the war and ceding California, Nevada, Utah and parts of four other modern-day U.S. states to the United States for $15 million (1848)

The U.S. Congress passes the Emergency Quota Act establishing national quotas on immigration (1921)

The Young Pioneer organization of the Soviet Union is established (1922)

b: Henri de Saint-Simon (1825), Ho Chi Minh (1890), Pol Pot (1928), Malcolm X (1925), James P. Hoffa (1941); d: Philipp Bouhler (1945)

Community Organizing for the New Progressive Era
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