Meet Gary Johnson for President

Former 2-term NM Governor wants GOP nod to challenge Obama


O-Spending Puts U.S. Up Against The Wall

Obama borrows 40 cents for every tax dollar of ours he spends


Klavan's Victim Training Seminar

Criminal intolerance will no longer be tolerated


Who Sent George Soros?

Obama's favorite donor funds a global network of anti-American, leftwing causes
Many American and Western patriots view financier and George Soros as almost the devil incarnate.

An inveterate funder of leftist causes around the world, and paymaster of the US Democratic Party, Soros is often seen as the puppet master of the Obama Administration and responsible for many of the problems that beset the West.

While I have no doubt that Soros is every bit as malevolent as his opponents paint him, I think it is dangerous to assume that he is at the top of the of the anti-American food chain.

It is important to know if Barack Obama works for George Soros, but even more vital to understand who George Soros may work for.

There is no doubt that Soros has heavily promoted communist and socialist causes in several countries. Is that because Soros hates America so much, that he is willing to fund its enemies? Or is it because Soros himself is part of a very much alive, but low profile communist apparatus?

Let’s look at that possibility.
(from Trevor Loudon via emergingcorruption.com)

RINO Cited in Hoosier State

It's Obama's favorite GOP Prog, U.S. Sen. Richard Lugar


ObamaCare No Regrets

Can't think of anything he would have done differently


Cracking Down On Economic Liberty

Crony-capitalists use BigGov to fix competitors, overcharge consumers


SEIU Training Nationwide Flash Mobs

Obama's favorite union honors Andy Stern
Via: Politico
SEIU President Mary Kay Henry acknowledged in an interview that the new strategy, which would include aggressive outreach to non-union members, is “a risk.”

“We felt like we were called in this moment to roll the dice and to think about how to use our members resources for the greatest hope for changing members lives,” she said. “I hope what people will see is more of what we all witnessed in Madison. … more people in the streets making demands about what kind of America we want to see.”

The plan does not revolve as centrally around the 2012 elections as the SEIU’s political program did in 2008, when it was the largest outside supporter of candidate Obama. It does, however, aim to organize public campaigns for economic issues around “national flash points” including this August’s recess, corporate shareholder meetings next spring, and the debates and conventions next year. Henry was elected last year with a promise to reorient the union, and some Democratic officials worry the change will mean a less intense focus on their party’s needs.

Via WSJ:
The campaign—called Fight for a Fair Economy—will focus on mobilizing mostly low-wage minority workers in 10 to 15 cities, including Cleveland, Milwaukee, Miami and Detroit, according to the memo reviewed by The Wall Street Journal. The SEIU wants the effort to peak in the summer of 2012, with events at primaries, town-hall meetings and other campaign venues, according to the memo.

SEIU spokeswoman Inga Skippings declined to confirm that the memo reflected the final plans of the union, which has two million members, and said its strategy continues to evolve.

The cities designated for the campaign have high concentrations of SEIU members and are in states where governors have proposed cutting benefits to public-sector workers amid worries over pension costs and broader budget woes. In some of the targeted states, lawmakers are considering “right to work” legislation that would eliminate laws making union membership mandatory whenever a union is formed at an employer.

The board member predicted the effort would cost “tens of millions” of dollars; the SEIU spent more than $70 million on the 2008 elections.
(from redstate.com)

Obama Ridiculed At Fundraiser

Progressives expected more out of most ardently collectivist President ever


(full video story at newsy.com)

Lenin, Pravda, Workers' Party Fail

On this day: April 22
Pravda, the "voice" of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, begins publication in Saint Petersburg (1912)

After learning that Soviet forces have taken Eberswalde without a fight, Adolf Hitler admits defeat in his underground bunker and states that suicide is his only recourse (1945)

Army-McCarthy Hearings begin (1954)

b: Immanuel Kant (1724), Vladimir Lenin (1870), Richard Glücks (1889), Ferdinando Sacco (1891); d: Richard Nixon (1994)

Community Organizing for the New Progressive Era
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