Florida Weighs Labor Law Update

Antiquated pro-union bargaining statutes beggar the states
The statewide teachers’ union gave more than $3.4 million in campaign contributions last year, mostly to Democrats. The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees doled out nearly $1.4 million, much of it directly to the state Democratic Party. The AFL-CIO and other labor groups gave hundreds of thousands of dollars more.

Public-employee unions are one of the last bastions of Democratic money – and power – in a state tightly controlled by Republicans. And this session, GOP lawmakers are seeking to deal those unions a major blow with bills designed to limit their ability to collect and use dues for political purposes.

One bill bans government from automatically deducting dues from paychecks and requires members to specifically authorize the use of their dues for political purposes. Another would require unions to tell their members every year what they must do to decertify.
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Worker Decries Forced-Labor Unionism

Teachers who oppose worker-choice are just collectivist laborers
I have been watching and reading all about the union radical demonstrations at the state Capitol. And make no mistake, they are just union radical demonstrations.

Take a good look in the background and you can see the Teamsters' great big semi cruising the area. Now we hear them trying to get union-member teachers to strike.

I moved to Battle Creek four years ago after retiring from a public service position. I moved from a right-to-work state. But don't get me wrong, I belonged to a union, but it is called a protective league. I did not have to join, but I knew it was there to protect me from false complaints and uses of force. I have been raised to believe that teachers, police and fire are highly trained and educated professionals. Not laborers. I guess if I worked in a plant and connected widgets to widgets all day long, I might need a union. But it should be my choice. I can't believe that even babysitters are union.

Well, if the highly trained and educated teachers of this state allow themselves to be led by the nose by their union to strike and allow the kids to roam free from the classrooms, and roam they will, then it just may prove that they, the teachers, are just laborers after all and care not for our children.

Imagine if the police decided to take this action and left your city unprotected. Or your brave firefighters did the same. Who would protect your property? Surely not your union activists.

J.P. Hurley, Battle Creek, Michigan
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Mitch Threw Workers Under The Bus

Labor-state Gov bows to unbridled union political power


SEIU's Path to Totalitarian Collectivism

Obama's favorite union reveals plan to finish-off global economic liberty


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Corrupt Union-Backed Judge EXPOSED!

BigGov public union bigs buy-off the Judiciary fair and square
There was already cause for Judge Maryann Sumi to have recused herself in the collective bargaining lawsuit since her son, Jake Sinderbrand is a former employee of the AFL-CIO and SEIU, now more conflict of interests have been discovered.

Judge Sumi's husband, Carl Sinderbrand donated to the campaigns of three of the "Badger 14": Dave Hansen, Jim Holperin and Robert Wirch. Additionally Sinderbrand donated to Tom Barrett in his fight against Scott Walker for the governorship.

Judge Sumi's family has a history of strong ties to unions and a pattern of financially supporting only democratic candidates. This is not the impartiality Wisconsin deserves on the bench.
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We Don't Need No Stinkin' Parents

BigGov, BigLabor run-down education with little interference


La Raza Plays the Nazi Card

One of Obama's favorite union-backed groups races to the gutter


Happy Birthday ObamaCare!

Hard-Prog signature failure turns One


Mussolini, Enabling Act, Eckart

On this day: March 23
In Milan, Italy, Benito Mussolini founds his Fascist political movement (1919)

The Reichstag passes the Enabling Act of 1933, making Adolf Hitler dictator of Germany (1933)

b: Ludwig Quidde (1858), Dietrich Eckart (1868); d: Friedrich Hayek (1992), Rowland Evans (2001)

Community Organizing for the New Progressive Era
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