Labor-State Reform Clears Hurdle

Outdated 'Project Labor Agreements' amount to extortion for 'labor peace'
After hours of testimony, the Michigan Senate Restructure Reform and Reinvent Committee forwarded the bill to the Senate by a 4-2 vote. The bill limits so-called project labor agreements - pre-hire collective bargaining agreements that set wages and workplace rules.

It was the latest focus of a showdown between labor and Republican lawmakers. In recent weeks, union members have organized several large rallies at the Capitol over bills perceived to be anti-labor.

"Anti-competitive contracts reduce competition. They increase costs," said Chris Fisher, chief executive officer of Associated Builders and Contractors of Michigan, a statewide trade association. "The days of picking winners and losers must end."
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Mad Town Socialists Call General Strike

Wildcat teacher strikes fail to stop labor-union modernization


Progressive Mascot Ridiculed

Oligarchical Collectivists fatten off BigGov crony-capitalism


U.S. Girds for Protest Spring

Why aren’t we on strike?
Private-sector workers should be the ones striking in the streets of Wisconsin. They’re the ones who have to support government workers’ bloated salaries and pensions. But private-sector workers can’t afford to take a day off, let alone a week. Doesn’t that say everything?

Only government employees, with their powerful unions, lifetime job security, short workweeks, loads of sick days, nonstop holidays, early retirement, and huge pensions, can afford to stand in the street protesting. Common sense tells us anyone with this much time to protest and the ability to abandon their work duties is greatly overpaid.

It’s time for a reality check. These $100,000-per-year teachers keep talking about “the kids.” Exactly who is teaching those kids while their teachers abandon their jobs and commit fraud with fake doctors’ notes? If they cared about the kids, they’d be in the classroom. They’d leave the striking and lobbying to their union leaders and lobbyists. It’s the students (and their parents) who should be on strike.
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Support BigGov Union Reform

Tell Obama and 'Organizing v. America' you've had enough


Idaho Moves to Modernize Unions

Outdated 1930's era labor statutes promote forcible collectivism
A bill that would phase out tenure for new teachers and restrict collective bargaining on their salaries and benefits is on its way to the Idaho governor.

The GOP-backed measure cleared its final hurdle Tuesday in the state Legislature, where it passed the Idaho House on a 48-22 vote.

Nine Republicans crossed party lines to oppose the bill.

The state’s teachers union, the Idaho Education Association, says it would gut teacher rights. It plans to protest Wednesday.

Supporters say the plan will give more power to Idaho’s locally elected school boards in labor relations issues. Opponents say it’s a slap in the face to teachers and a mean-spirited move to dismantle their union.
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Stossel Takes on Collective Bargaining

Forcible extraction of mandatory union dues and fees is a privilege, not a right


Abolitionist Party Turns Against Itself

Dems contemplate bleak future under Progressive leadership


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Furious Badger Leftists Storm Capitol

H8ful Progs howl like stuck pigs over bargaining modernization


Winning The Video

What could be more important than 2.5 Men?


Tibet, NVA, ObL

On this day: March 10
Thousands of Tibetans are massacred by the occupying Chinese army (1959)

North Vietnamese troops attack Ban Me Thuot, South Vietnam, on their way to capturing Saigon (1975)

The U.S. places an embargo on Libyan petroleum imports because of their support of terrorist groups (1982)

b: Osama bin Laden (1957), Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex (1964); d: Eugene 'Bull' Connor (1973), Konstantin Chernenko (1985)

Community Organizing for the New Progressive Era
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